DIY expert reveals trick to make your house warmer using tin foil

27 January 2021, 15:00

A DIY expert has revealed his top tips for keeping your house warm
A DIY expert has revealed his top tips for keeping your house warm. Picture: Tik Tok

A man has gone viral after sharing his top tip for giving your radiators a boost this winter.

It’s been a very cold few days, with most of the country even getting a spot of snow last week.

But with all of us spending more time indoors than ever before, our heating bills have been slowly creeping up this year.

Well, now one man has been sharing his top tips on how you can keep your house warm, without spending lots of money.

Kyle Mattison, who’s TikTok name is ThatPropertyGuy, tells his followers: “Give your radiators a boost this winter.

"Radiator reflector foil is one way to keep your house warm, it reflects radiator heat back into the room.

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"It's really simple to install behind radiators, a good idea to do it on radiators on external walls."

Kyle, 29, adds that if you can’t get to a DIY store at the moment, you can get similar results with tin foil.

And it looks like the hack has been a success for many of his followers, as one person replied: "Made such a difference for me."

"I've done this and it actually works," said another.

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According to experts, silver foil placed down the back of a radiator will reflect heat back into a room, rather than letting it escape through the walls.

However, the Energy Saving Trust says that foil behind radiators isn’t worth doing if you already have cavity wall insulation.

Kyle also shared some other hacks to help out his followers during these tough months.

He recommends bleeding your radiators regularly to keep them running effectively, as well as leaving the oven door open when you've finished cooking.

Shutting doors, blinds and curtains could also keep the heat in, while Kyle also recommends leaving a gap between the radiator and your sofa to help the heat circulate.

Obstructing your radiators with curtains, drying clothes or towels can also stop the heat from flowing.

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