How can you exercise while working from home? Tips and tricks to stay fit and active without the gym

19 March 2020, 17:35 | Updated: 23 March 2020, 12:11

Tips on how to work out at home
Tips on how to work out at home. Picture: Getty Images

How can I stay fit and active while working from home? Here's everything you need to know...

As gyms around the country close during the Coronavirus pandemic, the chances are your group classes and personal training sessions have also been cancelled.

But while finding the motivation to workout during these testing times is tough, exercising in the comfort of your own home can actually be great.

Luckily, there’s loads of at-home fitness tricks you can try to stay active during self-isolation, either with or without equipment.

Check out our tips below…

It's important to stay active at home
It's important to stay active at home. Picture: Getty Images

How can I exercise at home?

Using household objects

Who needs a gym when you have a tin of beans and a dining room table?

Personal trainer Chris Antoni - who owns TMF fitness - has advised people to seek out objects they might have in their homes already.

Tinned foods can be used for resistance training including bicep curls and bent over rows, while the humble table is perfect for incline push ups.

Textiles manufacturers Great Bean Bags also suggest doing squats using your kitchen chairs.

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Use your furniture for your workouts
Use your furniture for your workouts. Picture: Getty Images

They told us: “Grab yourself a chair and stand in front of it with your feet apart and lower yourself to a sitting position, keeping your shoulders and chest upright. Push back up and repeat. 3 sets of 10.

“You can add wait to this by holding a carton of milk, small bean bags or a bag of flour.”

Simple stretches

It’s far too easy to get stuck at your desk or on the sofa all day when working from home, but it’s important to keep moving as much as possible.

According to Katie Anderson, Head of Training at FLY LDN, a few regular stretches will help stimulate you and get the blood flowing nicely.

She suggested some simple moves to wake the body up if you feel sleepy during the day working at home.

These include the classic down dog to up dog flow which is a great chest opener and leg releaser.

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Puregym personal trainer Kasumi Miyake also suggested doing stretches whilst your at your working from home desk.

She told us: "Performing arm circles a few times a day can be a great way to help remind yourself to reset your posture, which can often suffer when sitting for extended periods of time."

Running or walking

If you are able to get outside, going for a walk or run in the fresh air could be exactly what you need to clear your head.

This can be replicated indoors by walking on the spot or even incorporating your stairs.

Great Bean Bags told us: "This is a great way to get your blood pumping and your body moving, incorporating the stairs into this warm up will be effective. 5-10 minutes, depending on stamina. Increase the time if it's too easy."

Online classes and apps

With most fitness classes cancelled for the foreseeable future, many companies have put their workouts online.

Barry's Bootcamp is holding full body workout classes on their Instagram page throughout the morning.

RWL (formerly known as Results with Lucy) also has content through their subscription service, including workouts for expectant mums who have been advised to self-isolate.

Fitness app SHREDDY also offers home workouts as well as recipes, meal plans and real-time classes.

If you are a yoga novice, there are also plenty of online tutorials on Youtube - including Yoga With Adrianne and Fightmaster Yoga - to keep you moving.

Apps such as Moviing offer subscriptions to on-demand online classes. Moviing is available from £7 a month and gives you unlimited access to more than 300 classes Yoga, Strength, Barre, Cardio, Meditation and Sculpt.

At-home exercise equipment

Here's our pick of the best workout equipment for exercising at home:


Yogamatters mats
Yogamatters mats. Picture: Yogamatters

Rise and shine with the Yogamatters Eco Everyday Rise Yoga Mat which made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubberrecyclable & biodegradable as well as being free from toxic chemicals and dyes.

Price: £45


USA pro sports equipment
USA pro sports equipment. Picture: USA Pro

USA Pro has got you covered when it comes to at-home work out gear.

Whether you want dumbells, resistance bands, a water bottle or skipping rope, their range is both stylish and functional.

And if you want to feel great while exercising, why not treat yourself to some new leggings and a sports bra too?

Price: Starting at £7.99


Foam roller by 1000mile
Foam roller by 1000mile. Picture: 1000mile

Good for warm-ups, to relax muscles after sports or as a training aid for fitness exercises at home, this hard-wearing solid foam roller from 1000mile works on quads, hamstrings, ITB, calves, hips, lower/upper back, neck, deltoids and shoulders.

Price: £19.99


Superdrug gym ball
Superdrug gym ball. Picture: Superdrug

Superdrug's Gym Ball is your ideal companion for all round fitness and exercise.

Price: £5


Umi headphones
Umi headphones. Picture: Umi by Amazon

While you're walking, running or doing some light stretches - wireless headphones are the perfect work out accessory.

The earbuds by UMI automatically charge when the case cover is closed, and the charging case is also rechargeable.

Price: £39.98


Unit nine sweat pack
Unit nine sweat pack. Picture: Unit nine

The Sweat Pack contains Neoprene carry bag, a set of 3 mini bands, a long resistance band, skipping rope, sliders, trigger point ball and sweat towel

Price: £55


Umi waterbottle
Umi waterbottle. Picture: Umi by Amazon

This hot/chilly water bottle by Umi is will give you both style and substance during your at-home work outs.

Price: £12.14

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