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The green list review takes place today

What time is the green list update today?

Rules on social distancing will reportedly be lifted next month

Face masks and social distancing laws in England 'to be scrapped on July 19'

Holidays abroad are looking unlikely this year

Summer holiday plans in doubt as Matt Hancock issues warning over foreign travel

Covid restrictions could be relaxed sooner

Covid restrictions in England ‘could end early on July 5’ if data continues to improve

Many Brits have been working from home for over a year (stock image)

Office staff 'could be given default right to work from home' under possible new plans

Covid symptoms have changed, according to research

Runny nose now among the most common symptoms of Delta Covid variant, experts say

What will the new rules for weddings be from June 21?

What did Boris Johnson say about weddings in the lockdown announcement?

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the June 21 date will be delayed

Boris Johnson confirms England's lockdown easing will be pushed back to July 19

What date could lockdown be extended until?

What date might June 21 lockdown-easing be extended to?

Boris Johnson is due to make an announcement next week

When will Boris Johnson announce if June 21 lockdown-lifting will go ahead?

Boris Johnson will make an announcement on June 21 today

What time is Boris Johnson's announcement today and will the June 21 date be delayed?

People should avoid shouting, singing and chanting in pubs

Pub-goers banned from singing football anthems in new Covid-19 restrictions

What will the rules be in the next stage of lockdown-easing in England?

Lockdown Stage 4: All the rules and reopenings that could happen on June 21

June 21 is the earliest date that lockdown measures will be lifted in England

Will England's lockdown be extended past June 21?

Rishi Sunak is reportedly 'willing to accept' a short delay

Rishi Sunak 'willing to accept four-week delay' of June 21 lockdown-easing in England

We don't yet know whether the June 21 date will go ahead as planned

England's June 21 lockdown end date 'could be delayed until July 5'