Expert reveals why you should never wash your towels in large batches

12 January 2021, 11:36

Here's how you should be washing your towels
Here's how you should be washing your towels. Picture: Getty Images

It turns out we've all been washing our towels wrong...

If you’re anything like us, you might have noticed that your once-fluffy towels are now a bit hard and scratchy.

Well, now an expert has revealed the reason your towels don’t stay as good as new for very long, might be because you’ve been cleaning them wrong.

Speaking to Tyla, towel designer Lucy Ackroyd, of Christy, said the most common mistake people make is washing a big batch of towels together.

She explained that overloading your machine doesn’t give towels the room to ‘breathe and circulate’.

Towels should be washed in small batches
Towels should be washed in small batches. Picture: Getty Images

"The towels need plenty of room within the drum to breathe and circulate, allowing them to be rinsed and fluffed up properly," she said.

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"If you try stuff too many in, you'll end up with a clumped together heap, with moisture pockets throughout, leading to scratchy, stiff towels.

"Make sure to wash your towels separately to your other laundry to avoid any colour or fibres transferring onto your beautiful pristine towels."

Lucy also went on to give more tips on how to keep your towels looking fresh.

These include not grouping colours together and putting them on a lower heat wash.

She said: "Generally, wash your towels at 40 degrees as any higher can cause them to wear out too quickly.

"However, to remove oils and bacteria that can build up over time, put them through a 60 degree wash occasionally.

“This routine will allow them to be perfectly hygienic without taking away from their quality and texture."

In another game-changing hack, one mum recently revealed her handy trick to cleaning her oven clean with just four ingredients.

Chantel Mila, who is from Australia, shared a video on TikTok which sees her mixing half a cup of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda), one tablespoon of dish soap and water.

She then applies a thin layer of the paste to her oven and leaves it overnight, before wiping the mixture off.

Chantel finally wipes the oven with white vinegar, to remove any left over residue and grease.

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