Co-op, B&M and Sainsbury's already selling Easter eggs with over 100 days to go

30 December 2019, 19:13

Easter eggs already on sale in supermarkets just days after Christmas.
Easter eggs already on sale in supermarkets just days after Christmas. Picture: Twitter

Supermarkets are stocking their shelves with chocolate bunnies just days after Christmas – and shoppers aren't pleased.

Supermarkets are already selling Easter eggs just days after Christmas, despite the fact there's over 100 days to go.

Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco and B&M are just a handful of shops that have already stacked their shelves with chocolate treats in preparation for the April weekend.

Bunnies and even packs of hot cross buns were spotted as early as Boxing Day as stores prepare for the upcoming spring celebration.

But with over four months to go before the big day, shoppers are baffled by the decision to roll out Easter treats earlier than New Year's Eve.

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One Co-op customer told The Sun: "It's like the shops are wishing our lives away.

"We had Christmas preparations from September onwards and now we're all just recovering from that we're being made to think about April already. It's ridiculous."

Many people have taken to social media to slam the corporate decision and share their frustration with others online.

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In fact, Twitter has exploded with photos of Malteaster Bunnies and Cadbury Mini Eggs in people's local supermarkets, captioned with angry remarks.

One woman tweeted: "I haven’t even finished the mince pies and spotted Easter eggs in the shop!!!"

Another ranted: "@waitrose have replaced the mince pies with hot cross buns. We’re most upset as we’re not ready to give up on Christmas yet!"

"Early or very very late. Thank you Sainsbury's but it's still 2019," said a third.

While a fourth fumed: "What the hell? Easter Eggs on Sale already @coop_food. Madness."

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Valentine's Day has already started creeping into the seasonal aisles, too, with tons of loved-up cards and heart-shaped chocolates taking over.

Supermarkets tend to begin flogging Easter eggs in January, but some decide to start selling them earlier.

Co-op told a shopper on Twitter that it decided to stock Easter eggs early due to customer demands.