Quality Street fan shocked after counting how many of the 'best' chocolates are in each tin

30 November 2021, 16:36

If you are a Green Triangle fan then you might want to get in to the tin first
If you are a Green Triangle fan then you might want to get in to the tin first. Picture: Alamy

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Opening a tub of chocolates is a milestone of Christmas, but one annoyed Brit has found that not all tins are created equal...

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If you are one of those people who questioned "how will fractions help me in my life", then here is the answer: Working out the ratio of chocolates in sharing tins.

One number (and sweet) chomper who calls themselves Inequality Street has released their surprising findings after looking at how many of each chocolate variety was in a tin of Quality Street.

They wrote on Facebook: "On first viewing it definitely appears to be a case of Quality Street by name, Inequality Street by nature with a whopping disparity of 12 Caramel Swirls (14.3%) to a measly 4 Green Triangles (4.8%).

"Delve a little deeper and the picture is even more bleak for the delicious 3-sided featherweight: Weighing in at just 8.2g each, their 32.8g contribution to the tin represents an even more paltry 4.1% of the overall 800g tin.

"Hang your heads in shame, Quality Street!"

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The ultimate orange hot chocolate

As a comparison they also looked at the contents of an 800g tin of Cadbury's Roses, and even went as far as weighing each chocolate and their foil or plastic wrapper.

They added: "Over at Cadburys things definitely seem to be far more democratic with a top to bottom spread of 10 Golden Barrels and 10 Caramels (13.2% each) to 7 Signature Truffles (9.2%).

"An honourable mention to the folks at Bournville for the fact that their 800g tin is Christmas-Tree-Busting 818g when you include the wrappers (yes, Quality St include the wrappers in their 800g).

"Quality St could’ve given us an extra 2 Green Triangles if they had been a bit more generous with their accounts."

However, if the fear of entering 2022 with a cluster of your least liked chocolates is putting you off of picking up a tin to share over the Christmas period, fear not.

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This year you can order a personalised tin with the EXACT chocolates you want inside - or even just a tub of those iconic Green Triangles if that's the only one you like.

Each tin can also be personalised, making it a great present - or easy to keep to yourself when you want something sweet after a long day wrapping or watching cute films on the sofa.