This viral chocolate bar challenge has left even the biggest chocoholics stumped, but can you figure it out?

27 April 2020, 15:31 | Updated: 28 April 2020, 11:55

This chocolate quiz has left people doubting how much they love their chocolate bars
This chocolate quiz has left people doubting how much they love their chocolate bars. Picture: Getty/Ken's Quiz
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

With lockdown continuing across the UK, we're getting better at challenges and quizzes by the day – but this one is a little trickier.

If you love chocolate bars as much as us, you'd probably think you would know the difference between a Crunchie and a Mars, a Snicker and a Bounty.

However, people's chocoholic statuses are being questioned after an online challenge has left many people stumped.

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Richard Osman shared the chocolate quiz on Twitter, posting a round from of 20 chocolate bars cut through the middle.

From this, people have to see how many they can name, with Richard admitting he could only guess 16 out of 20.

So, how many can you name?

People on the internet have been left shocked at how little they know about their favourite chocolate bars, as well as how hungry the challenge has made them.

One person commented: "Wow harder than I thought, but probably because I inhale my favourite chocolates and never take the time to decipher them."

Another wrote: "No, I can’t beat your score but, thanks Richard, now I want to eat all the chocolate."

If you want to see how many you got right, scroll down for the answers.

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1. Bounty

2. Lion Bar

3. Mars Bar

4. Reeses Nut Bard

5. Double Decker

6. Topic

7. Star Bar

8. Kit Kat Chunky

9. Yorkie

10. Peppermint Aero

11. Wispa Gold

12. Boost

13. Snickers

14. Milky Way

15. Fudge

16. Toffee Crisp

17. Cadbury's Caramel

18. Turkish Delight

19. Picnic

20. Crunchie

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