The average Brit loses 252 hours a year to HANGOVERS... that's a whole 10 days!

9 November 2018, 10:30 | Updated: 9 November 2018, 10:33

Brits spend TEN DAYS a year hungover
Brits spend TEN DAYS a year hungover. Picture: Getty

Boffins also found out that the average hangover lasts SEVEN hours.

Brits spend an average of TEN DAYS a year hungover - and that's assuming they only have a big night out three times a month.

Researchers polled 2,632 people over the age of 18 about their boozing habits, and came back with some very interesting results.

The data revealed that on average, Brits have three hangovers a month, with each one lasting seven hours.

Clocked up over a year that's 252 lost hours - the equivalent of TEN whole days and nights.

This means that a person drinking regularly between the ages of 18 and 40 would lose an average of 231 days to a hangover, someone drinking up to 50 would lose 336 days, and one drinking until the age of 60 would lose 441 days.

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If one drank regularly throughout their adult life, the average man would spend an average of 643 days hungover (one year and 278 days), whilst the average woman would spend 681 days hungover (one year and 316 days).

But it's not just time slipping through drinkers' fingers - the day after a big night can be just as pricey.

Hungover Britons are also spending an average of £306 per year on takeaway food even though almost 9 in 10 (88 percent) of those who do order food admit to already having food in the house.

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Anyone who has had to write off a day (or two) because of a big sesh will know that there's not a lot you're physically capable of as your liver chugs away trying to detox your system.

To find out more on the subject, researchers asked participants what activities they do on the days they have been hungover.

They were given a list of possible answers and asked to select all that applied, with the top five as follows:

1. Watch films/TV – 78 percent

2. Sleep – 72 percent

3. Go for a coffee – 65 percent

4. Go on a walk – 53 percent

5. Have sex – 45 percent

Just 8 percent of respondents revealed that they have voluntarily partaken in exercise when hungover, whilst 14 percent said that they started drinking again.

Pedram Kordrostami, founder of who commissioned the research said: “There is definitely a massive drinking culture in the UK, one of the biggest in the world, and it looks like we certainly pay for it in terms of productivity.

"It’s quite shocking to think that you potentially lose 10 whole days a year to hangovers."