The best vegan Christmas sandwiches on the UK high street - from Pret to Boots

13 November 2019, 17:20 | Updated: 26 November 2019, 12:07

All the best vegan Christmas sandwiches the UK high street has to offer
All the best vegan Christmas sandwiches the UK high street has to offer. Picture: Holland and Barrett / Caffe Nero

All the best high street plant based sandwiches on sale in 2019 - from faux turkey to vegan stuffing

Gone are the days when vegans were forced to pick sadly at a plate of Brussel's sprouts each Christmas - because this year there's more plant based festive food than ever before.

And this year the UK high street have really pulled it out the bag when it comes to vegan lunches - with everywhere from Pret and Cafe Nero to Boots and Tesco all having tasty plant-based options.

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Here are all the high street offerings for this year:

Pret vegan Christmas sandwich

Pret vegan sandwich
Pret vegan sandwich. Picture: Pret

Pret have established themselves as pioneers when it comes to vegan food, and the popular chain has a number of 'Veggie Prets' continuing to pop up across the country.

There is, therefore, a high expectations when it comes to their veggie festive offerings - and they didn't disappoint.

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The chefs have created a vegan stuffing, which they teamed with grilled carrots, crispy onion, caramelised pecans and spinach. It's finished off with a delicious port and orange cranberry sauce.

Marks and Spencer Plant Kitchen nutcracker sandwich

The M&S vegan Christmas sandwich
The M&S vegan Christmas sandwich. Picture: Vegan Food & Living/M&S

Last year's M&S 'No Turkey' Christmas sandwich was so popular they decided to make it a permanent fixture in their food stores - so we're expecting big things from their 2019 offering.

It features sweet potato, chestnut and cranberry roast, along with butternut squash, cranberry chutney, pistachios and caramelised pecans. The sandwich is finished off with an almond butter vegan mayo dressing.

Sainsbury's Vegan Christmas New Yorker

Sainsbury's On The Go vegan Christmas sandwich
Sainsbury's On The Go vegan Christmas sandwich. Picture: Sainsbury's

It's not every day you find vegan cheese in sandwiches on the high street, and this one from Sainsbury's offers a slightly more unusual take on plantbased festive choices.

It's made from coconut cheese, gherkins, red cabbage and chutney.

Boots vegan Christmas market

Boots Vegan Christmas Market
Boots Vegan Christmas Market. Picture: Boots

Boots have a whopping three Christmas sandwiches in stores this year - the first of which is the vegan Christmas market, complete with plantbased sausage, fried onions, mustard and cabbage.

Boots Vegan No Salmon And No Cream Cheese

Boots vegan sandwich
Boots vegan sandwich. Picture: Boots

Their second vegan festive sandwich contains vegan versions of both salmon and cream cheese.

Boots Vegan Christmas Feast

Boots vegan Christmas feast
Boots vegan Christmas feast. Picture: Boots

Boots' third and final offering - the Vegan Christmas Feast - is made up of plant-based stuffing and red cabbage.

PAUL Bakery All About The Sprout

PAULS Bakery Christmas sandwich
PAULS Bakery Christmas sandwich. Picture: PAULS

Probably the most unusual - but also up there with the most delicious - on the list is this offering from PAUL Bakery. If you think you don't like sprouts, you may want to reconsider, because this baguette made up of everyone's least favourite of the Xmas trimmings is surprisingly tasty.

Costa Veggies Under Vest

Costa vegan Christmas sandwich
Costa vegan Christmas sandwich. Picture: Costa

Costa are this year offering a sandwich filled with falafel and parsnip stuffing, carrot, cranberry sauce, vegan mayonnaise and fresh spinach.

Holland and Barrett Tofurky’s Merry Veganmas

Holland and Barrett vegan Christmas sandwich
Holland and Barrett vegan Christmas sandwich. Picture: Holland and Barrett

You can always count on Holland and Barrett to pull it out the bag when it comes to vegan food, and their festive sandwich definitely doesn't disappoint.

It contains chick’n style tofu pieces with veganaise, cranberry sauce and spinach, all brought together on seeded granary bread.

Caffè Nero festive vegan dinner sandwich

Caffè Nero vegan Christmas sandwich
Caffè Nero vegan Christmas sandwich. Picture: Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero have this year launched a Vegan Roast Dinner Ciabatta, which comes complete with spiced butternut squash, kale and cranberry sauce in a hand-stretched ciabatta.

Coco di Mama & THIS vegan bacon Christmas sandwich

Coco di Mama and This have launched a new vegan sandwich
Coco di Mama and This have launched a new vegan sandwich. Picture: Coco di Mama and This

London based Italian chain Coco di Mama has teamed up with UK plant-based innovators THIS™ to bring the UK's first vegan bacon sandwich to the capital.

Stuffed with award winning 'This Isn’t Bacon', cranberry & parsnip stuffing, vegan mayo and smoked chilli jam, this is the perfect winter warmer.


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