Horrified mum finds very rude design on £97 watch - but can you spot it?

21 October 2019, 14:43 | Updated: 21 October 2019, 14:55

One mum was shocked at a watch she found
One mum was shocked at a watch she found. Picture: Swatch Watch

A mum was shocked after she spotted a rude pattern on a watch strap.

It’s around that time of year again where you might be starting to think about shopping for Christmas presents.

But one mum was left horrified after her daughter came across a very rude watch while browsing online.

The Mumsnet user claims she was looking the Swatch website when she spotted the unusual design with "hand drawn female and male privates".

Writing a post called 'Would you year this?', the unnamed woman shared a link to the £97 adult watch.

This watch strap has gone viral
This watch strap has gone viral. Picture: Swatch Watch

She said: "Darling daughter - fortunately adult - was browsing the Swatch watches site and was looking at their pages of art where you can choose a section of a design or Old Master to have as the design on your watchstrap.

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"Great idea. Not sure about this 'art' design though. Would you wear it?"

The description of the item - named 'SXY New Gent' - states it features a "cheeky" and "fun" pattern including boobs, bums and male genitalia.

Some users were shocked that anyone would buy the watch, with one writing: "WTAF."

"That’s the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,” said another.

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While a third added: "Not my taste but not offensive. It's cartoon genitals, not full frontal nudity."

Although many users seemingly missed the rude sketches, with someone replying: "I must be getting old as it just looked like a dotty pattern until I looked closer."

Another confused user asked: "What am I missing? Can just see swirls and lines!"

While a third admitted: "I thought it was liquorice allsorts until I zoomed in.”

Elsewhere on the highstreet, Primark were recently forced to take their London-themed tea towels off the shelves after shoppers noticed some glaring errors.

A horrified shopper posted pictures of the tea towels on her Instagram earlier this week.

She said: "Just dried the dishes with my new Primark tea towel which is geographically very troubling," she wrote. "Check it out. Big Ben isn't attached to anything and it's on the wrong side of the Thames, as is the London Eye."

Pointing out the further errors, they continued: "St Paul's and the Gherkin are the wrong side of Tower Bridge."

The brand also spelled "Westminster" as "Westminister" and forgot the apostrophe in "St Paul's".

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