This is how to transform clothes with ice dyeing - and it's a great lockdown project for kids

18 April 2020, 12:33

A step-by-step guide to ice-dying clothing
A step-by-step guide to ice-dying clothing. Picture: Dylon

Ice-dyeing, like tie-dyeing, is a fun way to transform old clothes, with the bonus of keeping kids busy using a few kitchen items.

One in three Brits haven't worn half or more of their wardrobe in the past year, according to research by Dylon Dyes. To encourage people to make the most of their wardrobe, the brand has created this step-by-step guide on the lesser-known technique called ice-dyeing.

Here’s how you can transform glum garments into something a little more fun, whether you're trying to keep the kids busy in lockdown or to update your work-from-home look.

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Shirts can be old or new but must be clean
Shirts can be old or new but must be clean. Picture: Dylon


Dylon Hand Dyes – it is recommended to use more than one colour

An old (or new) clean white cotton or linen t-shirt or shirt  

Bag of ice cubes

Rubber gloves

Cooling rack

Large plastic tray

Total time, approximately 2 hours, of which at least 1 hour is unattended

Step 1
Step 1. Picture: Dylon

1. Wet the clean shirt and squeeze out any excess water.

2. Leave damp and crumple shirt into a bundle

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3. Stack the cooling rack on top of a tray for ice to drip freely in puddle under shirt

4. Place the crumpled shirt on rack and cover with ice cubes

Step 5
Step 5. Picture: Dylon

5. Sprinkle dye powder at random over the ice

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Step 6
Step 6. Picture: Dylon

6. Repeat if you’re adding additional colours.

Leave the ice to melt at least one hour.
Leave the ice to melt at least one hour. Picture: Dylon

7. Leave shirt to sit for a minimum of one hour or until the ice melts to allow the dye to seep into fabric.

Rinse until the water runs clear.
Rinse until the water runs clear. Picture: Dylon

8. Once dye has set, rinse out excess dye until water runs clear and leave to dry away from direct sunlight.

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Shirts should be made of cotton or linen.
Shirts should be made of cotton or linen. Picture: Dylon

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