Insomniacs claim this weighted blanket helps them sleep better

14 May 2019, 15:07

This weighted blanket has received thousands of five star reviews
This weighted blanket has received thousands of five star reviews. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

This weighted blanket has been hailed a "life changer" by insomniacs all over the world.

If you have trouble sleeping, this wonder quilt could be the answer to all of your bedtime worries.

In the latest wellness trend, apparently using a weighted blanket can relieve stress and anxiety to help you get a better night’s kip.

And it looks to be working, as one product - The Quility Premium Weighted Blanket - has now received more than 5,000 five star reviews from insomniacs all around the world.

Created by family company ‘Quility’ based in the US, the blanket is made up of seven layers which contain thousands of “hypoallergenic micro glass beads”.

The Quility Weighted Blanket mimics the feeling of a hug
The Quility Weighted Blanket mimics the feeling of a hug. Picture: Quilty

According to experts, the pressure on your body when you’re under the quilt “mimics the comfort of a gentle hug” and causes something called “deep pressure stimulation”.

This is said to promote the release of mood-boosting chemicals serotonin and melatonin, increasing relaxation and minimising body movement. So basically you’re being hugged to sleep...

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Prices start at just $59.70 (£46) for a kids' blanket and $99.70 (£77) for the single adults' version, and light sleepers everywhere have been raving about the product online.

One enthusiastic user wrote: “I cannot say how absolutely wonderful this blanket has been in my sleep!!!! I HAVE NEVER SLEPT BETTER! Truly, truly, the best sleep I have ever had and I have tossed and turned my whole life. I wake up (which is difficult, as I sleep so soundly) feeling REFRESHED! This blanket has changed my life.”

Another commented: “I have been sleeping the best ever! The additional weight adds a sense of comfort and security that traditional comforters just can’t match! Highly recommend this blankie!!”

The weighted quilt claims to increase relaxation
The weighted quilt claims to increase relaxation. Picture: Getty Images

While a third added: "Wow!!!! The blanket puts me right to sleep. I wake up refreshed with no hesitation to start my day. It's my new best friend."

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And a fourth agreed: “The material and workmanship are great. If you think it's too expensive, think again. Your sleep is worth it.”

The technique has been used to treat PTSD and a range of other disorders over the years and as well as increasing endorphin levels, it has also been reported to decrease heart rate and blood pressure.

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