Simple phone hack using sick bag lets you watch films handsfree on flights

1 October 2020, 14:50

This phone hack will make flying so much better
This phone hack will make flying so much better. Picture: TikTok/stephenedwards008
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

This hack, shared on TikTok, is a game changer when it comes to in-flight entertainment.

We've all been there – you get onto your flight, ready to sit back and watch the film you downloaded for the journey, but you just can't seem to get comfortable.

You can't be truly comfy with the phone in your hand, but it won't rest on the fold-out table without falling either.

If you can relate to this, you're about to be blown away by an incredible new hack discovered on TikTok.

Posted by user stephenedwards008, the girl shows her followers how to set up your phone handsfree for your flight using only the sick bag.

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So, here's how it works – the girl takes her phone cover off the back of her phone before slipping the bottom part of the sick bag in-between the case and device.

Once it is secure sandwiched in-between the phone and case, she unlocks the fold out tray and slides the other half of the bag in it, using the lock to keep it in place.

And - that's it! You can sit back and watch whatever you like, without worrying about it falling.

TikTok users have been loving the genius idea, with one commenting that they also use the hack, but often use a tissue or the food menu on the flight instead of a sick bag.

Another person commented on the video: "why didn't we know this?", while a third posted: "I am an air hostess myself and let me tell you I will be using this".

A parent also commented that the hack is perfect for babies and children to keep them entertained on flights.

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