Met Office predicts exact dates 29C mini-heatwave will sweep the UK

6 September 2021, 08:03

The September heatwave is coming...
The September heatwave is coming... Picture: Alamy/Getty
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

September weather: It looks like we're set for an official heatwave this week with temperatures soaring to the high 20s.

After what was quite literally the wettest and worst summer in a decade, we've been holding out hope for a last glimpse of hot weather before the autumn sets in.

And it looks like our wish has *finally* been granted - as forecasters have predicted a mini-heatwave will bring highs of up to 29C in parts of the south east of England this week.

The Met Office has said it expects 'very sunny' weather between September 6 and September 8, with Wednesday expected to be the final day of the warmth.

The UK is set for a September mini-heatwave
The UK is set for a September mini-heatwave. Picture: Alamy

Tuesday should be the hottest day, with highs of around 28 or 29 expected, but thunderstorms look set to replace the heatwave from Thursday.

As reported by Birmingham Live, forecaster Annie Shuttleworth said: "It's going to be very warm for the time of year. It could even be rather uncomfortable for people trying to sleep at night at around 18C in the evening.

"We are expecting temperatures to rise at the beginning of the week.

Temperatures could reach up to 29C in parts of the south east
Temperatures could reach up to 29C in parts of the south east. Picture: Alamy

"Despite a cloudy start to Monday, conditions will be clear and bright with hot temperatures for large parts of England and eastern Wales due to continental air from the south."

Craig Snell, a Met Office meteorologist, advised on Saturday: "The sun is still fairly strong so if you're going to be in the sun for kind of a good length of time, wear a hat and some sun cream because even though it would be kind of past the peak of the summer, the sun can still burn you at this time of year."