Martin Lewis halts Good Morning Britain as widow's letter brings him to tears

20 July 2023, 12:36

Martin Lewis appears emotional over viewer letter on GMB

The finance expert became visibly emotional as he shared the heart-wrenching story with ITV viewers.

Martin Lewis admitted he was reduced to tears after receiving a heart-wrenching letter from a widow who took his money-saving advice.

The finance guru asked Good Morning Britain co-host Susannah Reid if he could halt the show to read the note that landed in his lap after a "stressful couple of weeks".

The savings expert explained the "lovely message", which clearly left him emotional, was written by a viewer who regularly watches his Money Saving Expert show.

The 51-year-old wanted to share the grieving mother-of-three's story after her life was changed for the better due to his benefits advice.

The finance expert halted programming to read the heart-wrenching message.
The finance expert halted programming to read the heart-wrenching message. Picture: ITV/Good Morning Britain

Martin told Susannah: "Someone says they regularly watch my show and [told me], "In 2015, I was sadly and suddenly widowed at the age of 38.

"I was unable to claim widowed parents allowance due to not actually being married to my long-term partner and received little help from the government to then bring up alone our three children."

"Back in May this year, I saw your information that said a change in the law now allowed claims for unmarried parents and it's worth applying to have this backdated.

"I did this and today I received a letter from DWP. I have been awarded £34,000 in back-dated money and that's in my account already.

"I cannot explain what this means to me - I cried for an hour and just had to get in touch. My kids are grown up now and I am able to help them with their own struggles and housing."

Martin confessed he was brought to tears reading the widow's story.
Martin confessed he was brought to tears reading the widow's story. Picture: ITV/Good Morning Britain

Following the unplanned segment, Susannah praised the money guru for helping the public with their financial struggles.

She joked: "Not all heroes wear capes, some don't even wear ties."

Martin then urged other widowed parents to follow the same advice to ensure they received all the government benefits they were entitled to.

He said: "If you know someone who has lost someone since 2001 and is a parent with young children, they may be able to claim something even if they weren't married. It runs out in February next year.

"This wasn't on the agenda to talk about this morning but I had to talk about it. Spread the word people!" he added.

In February 2023, the Department for Work and Pensions extended Bereavement Support Payment and Widowed Parent’s Allowance to working-age unmarried parents.

The government statement explained: "The benefits are designed to help parents with the financial impact of losing a partner. Previously it was only available to eligible bereaved parents who were married or in a civil partnership.

"The law change will ensure more children in bereaved families are equally supported, regardless of their parent’s legal relationship status."

Martin Lewis' Money Saving Expert website outlined the new update and also urged people to backdate the bereavement support payments.

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