Mum raves over £4 cleaning hack which transformed her filthy washing machine drawer in minutes

2 January 2020, 12:27 | Updated: 18 February 2020, 10:55

This washing machine hack is genius
This washing machine hack is genius. Picture: Facebook

A woman has revealed her Mrs Hinch inspired hack for cleaning her washing machine drawer.

As we tidy up the tinsel and pack away the Christmas tree for another year, you might start to notice the rest of your home could do with a clean as well.

Well, now one mum has revealed how she managed to totally transform her washing machine using just one product.

Taking to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman posted incredible before and after photos, crediting Mrs Hinch for inspiring her to wash out her appliance.

She said alongside the snaps: "Feeling inspired by my Mrs Hinch book and journal.

A woman revealed her filthy washing machine drawer
A woman revealed her filthy washing machine drawer. Picture: Facebook

"Though I feel frustrated with all the tasks I have planned to do, it has revived my mundane daily life. First task was my washing machine all done and sorted."

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The woman explained how she’d covered the drawer in £1 Pink Stuff cleaning paste.

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Her machine was transformed
Her machine was transformed. Picture: Facebook
The Mrs Hinch fan showed off the inside of her appliance
The Mrs Hinch fan showed off the inside of her appliance. Picture: Facebook

She then used the same paste on the top of the machine, before turning to Dr Beckmann’s £3 washing machine cleaner to get rid of the dirt and limescale.

After scrubbing away for a few minutes, the filthy washing machine drawer looked as good as new.

Mrs Hinch is a big fan of The Pink Stuff, and last week another fan of the social media star revealed how she’d used the product to give her oven a makeover as well.

The mum also posted impressive before and after pictures online, which showed the glass covered in grease, being cleaned, and then the sparkling result.

A woman showed her oven cleaning hack
A woman showed her oven cleaning hack. Picture: Facebook
The oven doors were gleaming
The oven doors were gleaming. Picture: Facebook

The savvy user wrote: "I am totally ashamed of how bad my cooker got... I have five kids! Three babies under the age of 3.

"Work full-time, by the time I get home, cook tea, do packed lunches - I never wiped my oven door over."

She went on to tell group members that using just a pink Poundland sponge and a coat of cult Stardrops product 'The Pink Stuff', her dirty doors came up gleaming.

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