Mums alarmed by 'dilation pumpkins' carved by midwives

28 October 2021, 13:30

The pumpkins were carved for Halloween a few years ago
The pumpkins were carved for Halloween a few years ago. Picture: Twitter

Midwives at Royal Oldham Hospital created 10 'dilation pumpkins' at Halloween a few years ago.

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A photo of 10 pumpkins depicting the different stages of dilation has once again gone viral, with a number of mums voicing their alarm when it was posted on Twitter.

The picture first emerged a few years ago, after a group of midwives at Royal Oldham Hospital carved them for the maternity ward.

The 'dilation pumpkins' all feature mouths of sizes ranging from 1cm up to 10cm, to demonstrate how dilated women become during labour.

As reported by Manchester Evening News, the picture was once again shared to Twitter by Dr Lindsey Fitzharris alongside the words: "A few years ago, midwives at the Royal Oldham Hospital in Lancashire created "dilation pumpkins" - and I don't think I've ever seen anything scarier in my life.*

"*Posted with apologies to anyone who is pregnant."

Mums rushed to comment their shock at the picture, with one writing: "OMG, I've had two children, but those pumpkins are so terrifying."

Another added: "How fantastic are women's bodies that they can cope with this without anaesthetic?"

A third mum said: "23 years ago I went from two to 10 centimetres in 45 minutes, without anaesthetic. Those pumpkins don't look nearly terrified enough."