Pancake Day 2020: The best gadgets, pans and crepe makers for creating the perfect pancakes

20 February 2020, 14:54 | Updated: 20 February 2020, 14:59

Pancake Day 2020 tools
Pancake Day 2020 tools. Picture: Amazon/Argos/Debenhams

Whether you need a hand mixer, lemon squeezer or crepe maker for Pancake Day - we've got you covered...

Pancake Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start preparing for the ultimate crepe feast.

But with Shrove Tuesday falling on the 25th February this year, you might be wondering how you can make the perfect pancake with just a few days to go.

Well, we have a list of all the essentials to ensure your stacks are up with the best of them.

So, take your breakfast, lunch and dinner to the next level with all these tools...

Non stick pan

Non stick pan from Argos
Non stick pan from Argos. Picture: Argos

A pancake maker is only as good as their tools, so this non stick pan will guarantee even cooking.

This Tefal Superior Cook Non-Stick Frying Pan will also ensure none of the mixture gets stuck on the bottom.

Peanut butter maker

Peanut Butter Maker from Amazon
Peanut Butter Maker from Amazon. Picture: Amazon

This genius invention from Smart allows you to make your very own creamy peanut butter for Pancake Day (and every other day of the year).

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The official product page states: “Easy to use, simply add your choice of shelled or chopped nuts into the compartment at the top, turn on the unit and add some oil, then in no time at all your peanut butter will be dispensed into the cup.”

What’s more, the appliance - sold by Amazon - also works with cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate or whatever else you fancy.


Amazon spatula
Amazon spatula. Picture: Amazon

You can get your hands on a jumbo headed spatula perfect for flipping your creations.

This tool from Amazon, has a large nylon head, ideal for lifting pancakes and crêpes, with a strong stainless handle for extra durability.

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Lemon squeezer

John Lewis Lemon Squeezer
John Lewis Lemon Squeezer. Picture: John Lewis

Lemon Squeezers make it easy to squeeze the juice from lemons without mess, fuss, or stray pips.

This one from John Lewis is easy to use and the perfect size to store in the kitchen.

Crepe maker

Crepe maker from Russell Hobbs
Crepe maker from Russell Hobbs. Picture: Debenhams

If you want to go all-out professional, a crepe maker is the perfect gadget.

Russell Hobbs’ Black 'Fiesta' gadget includes adjustable temperature dials and a non-stick heating plate.


Argos is selling scales for £10
Argos is selling scales for £10. Picture: Argos

Make sure you’re weighing out the exact ingredients with some kitchen scales.

Argos sells a digital set for just £10.

Mini Squeeze Bottles

Squeeze bottles from Amazon
Squeeze bottles from Amazon. Picture: Amazon

Drizzle the perfect amount of chocolate sauce or lemon juice with a mini squeeze bottle.

These products from Amazon can hold up to 177ml and will turn your pancakes into a work of art.

Hand mixer

Hand Mixer from Currys
Hand Mixer from Currys. Picture: Currys

Make sure your mixture is as fluffy as possible with a hand mixer.

This electric hand mixer from Currys features a six speed levels to let you stir, mix, blend, whip and whisk recipes to perfection.

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