Joe Wicks thinks his new Wean in 15 book will become 'parenting Bible'

13 May 2020, 00:01

Joe Wicks chats Wean In 15 to Don't Tell Your Mum

The Body Coach tells Don't Tell Your Mum podcast about his new parenting book, and his own experiences with weaning.

Joe Wicks isn't just satisfied with being the nation's PE teacher, he's got his sights set on helping parents learn about child nutrition, too.

The 33-year-old is dad to Indie, 2, and Marley, 5 months, and revealed that his new book, Wean In 15, is designed to help parents stressed by the thought of weaning their littl'uns on to 'real' food.

Speaking to JK and Al on their podcast Don't Tell Your Mum, he said: "There’s so many factors involved when it comes to fears and concerns around weaning. 'When do I start, what do I start with… choking, allergies, when do I offer peanut butter or eggs for the first time?'

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Joe Wicks with his daughter Indie
Joe Wicks with his daughter Indie. Picture: Getty

"Indie would go two or three days without eating if she was teething or wasn’t well, and these things are quite scary if you’re not educated on what’s going on.

"It is a case of having a bit of confidence, and understanding what you can or can’t give your child."

Joe, who said that most parents aren't prepared for "the stress of food refusal, tantrums, teething" added that there is no right or wrong way to wean, and he thinks a mixture of old and new is best.

He said: "There’s no right or wrong. People want to do the spoon feeding, or some people want to do baby-led weaning. I believe that a flexible approach is best, letting your baby hold the food in their hand and feel it while having some for them to taste on a spoon."

Joe, who has already scored thousands of fans with his Lean In 15 diet and fitness programmes, has put all his new found knowledge in to a new parenting tome - and he has high hopes for it.

He said: "It's packed with up to date content and new research about how to get your child off to the best start.

"I think it will be the new bible, the new go to book, for baby weaning in the UK."

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