Mum shares genius hack for keeping your baby upright in a shopping trolley

22 October 2019, 12:11 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 16:56

The mum shared the handy hack to a Facebook group
The mum shared the handy hack to a Facebook group. Picture: Facebook

The mum-of-free revealed how you can use a neck cushion to keep your baby sturdy and upright in a supermarket trolley

A mum from Australia has shared a hack to keep your baby propped up in a supermarket shopping trolley - and all you'll need is a neck cushion.

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Jazz, a mum-of-three from Australia, shared her clever idea to Facebook group Kmart Mums Australia alongside a photograph of her baby daughter sitting snugly in a trolley.

Many other mums have praised the handy hack
Many other mums have praised the handy hack. Picture: Facebook

She wrote alongside the post: "Here's a hack! Keep baby upright in trolley with a neck pillow. Also has a strap to strap baby in and loop at front to attach a toy."

Jazz later added to Kidspot: "If I need to buy big items or lots of items it makes it hard or impossible to do that shop with a pram as you have limited space.

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"With a trolley and having bubs comfy in the neck pillow and attaching toy at front of the pillow keeps her more comfortable and occupied."

Many other mums rushed to voice their approval of the hack, with one writing: "What a great idea. I never would've thought of this".

Another added: "I just used to pack cat food around the baby, this looks easier."

And a third wrote: "Brilliant idea, also great for when they are tired to rest head on".


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