Mum-of-seven who lives in 'squalor' admits she downs wine as 'looking after kids is stressful'

28 November 2019, 10:17 | Updated: 28 November 2019, 11:59

Constance Hall has racked up millions of Instagram followers thanks to her outspoken posts about parenting.

A blogger and mum-of-seven has spoken out about her unusual parenting style, revealing that she lives in 'squalor' and drinks wine to cope with looking after the kids.

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Constance Hall, who lives in Australia with her husband Denim, appeared with her family in TV show 60 Minutes.

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She showed the cameras around her home, revealing dirty carpets and clothes strewn across the floor.

Constance showed off her 'messy' house on 60 Minutes
Constance showed off her 'messy' house on 60 Minutes. Picture: 60 Minutes

Constance, who lived with her husband Denim Cooke and their seven kids - Sunny, Zeyke, Billie-Violet, Arlo, twins Rumi and Snow, and Raja - said: “This is the modern family, this is what I blog about. 

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“We’ve got equal rights to go work but we [women] still have to do 90 per cent of the housework anyway.

“So what did that even do for us? It’s just made us even more tired. 

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“Unless we just stop of course and live in squalor which I’m obviously kind of what I’m doing and trying hard not to."

Constance is shown taking her kids to the shops, where they are seen running around barefoot and dragging each other across the floor.

She told the cameras: “This is why I drink wine ladies.”

Constance has acquired a huge following on Instagram thanks to her brutally honest posts about family life, and she added: “I think people like me because life isn’t perfect. Life isn’t happily ever after, it’s not meant to be.”

Her following has proved lucrative, and she has made a business out of 'being constance'.

You can follow Constance on Instagram @mrsconstancehall


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