Mum slammed for sending ex husband ‘traditional' baby names after branding his new wife's choices 'unacceptable’

29 November 2019, 12:02 | Updated: 29 November 2019, 12:13

A woman has been slammed for sending her ex a list of baby names
A woman has been slammed for sending her ex a list of baby names. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

One woman has been criticised after she demanded her ex husband called his new baby one of the ‘traditional’ names she approved of.

Writing on the online forum Mumsnet, a user told the story of a colleague who had split up from her husband four years ago after 12 years of marriage.

The former couple have three children together aged between five and ten, but the dad has since re-married and they have a baby on the way.

But when the ex-wife - who has been called ‘D’ - bumped into her former partner at a party with his new wife, she wasn’t pleased about the names the couple were considering.

Explaining the story, the forum user said: “D over heard her ex and his wife talking about names with a family member.

A woman deemed her ex husband's baby name choices 'unnacceptable'
A woman deemed her ex husband's baby name choices 'unnacceptable'. Picture: Getty Images

“D immediately pulled her ex to the side to say how the names are completely unacceptable and inappropriate, as they don’t go with their children’s names and that he should take into account their names before picking the names for his new baby.”

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The friend then explained she had heard some of the names which were on the table, continuing: “She told me some of the names they were discussing and they were all flower names and whilst not necessarily something I’d choose, they all seemed fine to me.”

She then went on to say “D prefers traditional names” and her children are named after Kate Middleton and Prince William’s brood.

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D was so angry about the situation, she later sent her ex an email list of all the monikers which she thought were ‘acceptable’.

And the story has attracted a lot of attention online, with plenty of people calling her ‘totally unreasonable.'

“She doesn't get any say whatsoever in what her ex and his new wife call the baby,” slammed one user.

Another said: “This is ridiculous! But also quite sad,” while a third added: “How they name their child is none of her business.”

However, some did sympathise with the mum, as another hit back: “It sounds difficult having to listen to the new happy couple discuss baby names but unless they're choosing something completely outrageous (e.g. the same name as one of their existing child) then she has no right to complain.”