Simon Thomas reduces fans to tears with Mother's Day tribute to tragic wife

1 April 2019, 08:05

Widower Simon Thomas admitted the run up to Mother's Day was challenging
Widower Simon Thomas admitted the run up to Mother's Day was challenging. Picture: Instagram
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The former Sky Sports presenter has been left to raise their son Ethan, 9, alone - and admitted the run up to Mother's Day has been tough.

Simon Thomas has said Mother's Day was "hard to stomach" as he faces raising his 9-year-old son alone.

The 45-year-old posted a lengthy statement to Instagram to pay heartbreaking tribute to his wife Gemma, 17 months after she died three days after being diagnosed with a rare from of leukaemia.

Yesterday he spent the day making pancakes with son Ethan, taking some time out to post an emotional tribute to his wife.

He wrote: "We thought she’d always be there to guide you. To be right behind you as you grew, matured and began to spread your wings.

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"We thought the love and wisdom she poured into your life would never cease to flow. We took it for granted that those days wouldn’t end for a long, long time. 

"I feel so blessed that my Mum has always been there for me and that her love and support for me has never diminished.

"I’m blessed that on this day she is still here to send flowers to and to say thank you, and I love you.

"But I feel heartbroken that for my boy Mother’s Day is forever more going to be a very, very different day. A day when he will remember her and give thanks for all she did for him in those eight short years, but a day that will also be laced with the searing pain of her absence.

"I’m glad we have a day when we celebrate our mums; but for so many today is going to be really tough.

"The past few weeks of Mother’s Day signs adorning most shops has been hard to stomach.

"For those you know who will today be missing a mum no longer here, missing a dad who won’t be there to make them feel special, a friend mourning the loss of a son or a daughter, or those enduring the painful, dashed hopes of being a mum - give them a hug.

"Give them a call. Invite them over. Let them know they’re not alone."

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Fans were quick to rally round Simon, who has been very honest about the ups and downs of his grief.

One commented: "my heart is with you both today .... as a mother with a child/adult with profound and complex special needs I feel your pain and loss in same but obviously totally different way .. but heartbreak is heartbreak."

Another said: "My love and thoughts are with Ethan,and you,on this difficult day."

Simon recently went public with his new girlfriend Derrina Jebb, 27.

He admitted that he had struggled with backlash from the public for falling in love again so soon after the loss of his wife.