Pub landlady bans children for good because they are ‘too noisy’

23 June 2021, 12:02 | Updated: 23 June 2021, 12:15

Children are no longer allowed in The Compass Inn
Children are no longer allowed in The Compass Inn. Picture: Google maps/Getty

Kids have been banned from a local pub after ‘noise complaints’ were made.

A pub in Hampshire has banned children permanently after saying they make too much noise.

Landlady of The Compass Inn, Lucy Draper, 67, said she will no longer be accepting children under the age of 12 because they caused ‘complete havoc’ on Father’s Day.

Lucy hit the headlines last year when she said under-12s were banned, apart from for at Sunday lunch.

The Compass Inn in Hampshire has banned children
The Compass Inn in Hampshire has banned children. Picture: Google maps

But she has now decided to ban them for good after three children under five reportedly disturbed other customers.

She told the Advertiser and Times: “The children were jumping up and down on chairs, literally screeching. It was the kind of noise that goes straight through you.

“We were packed because it was Father’s Day. The parents did nothing to stop them, even after I had a polite word.

“It ruined everyone else’s lunch. I had to move one table away from them because the noise was so unbearable.”

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The pub - which is dog friendly and gluten free - also announced the news on their Facebook page, writing: “Today we have yet again experienced a family with no respect for other diners as their children were so badly behaved.

“When we take bookings we have no idea if children are going to behave in an adult environment.

“Today we had complaints about the rowdy children, we had to move people to a quieter area, apologise for them and the staff had to put up with the backlash this family created.

“All bookings we have already taken with children on a Sunday we will honour but as from today we will not be taking any further booking for children on a Sunday.

Pub goers are divided over The Compass Inn's decision to ban children
Pub goers are divided over The Compass Inn's decision to ban children. Picture: Getty Images

“It’s a shame that I have had to make this decision but we are ultimately an adult only pub but some families disregard this fact that we expect their children to behave which unfortunately is not always the case.”

The ban has had a mixed review online, with some former customers criticising the decision.

One reviewer gave the venue a one-star rating on TripAdvisor, saying they felt ‘hostility around children’.

But someone else said: “Good for you. Poorly behaved kids are the worst. Shame on their parents.”

Another Facebook user wrote: “It’s a shame that some ruin it for others. I would have liked to have booked a family meal, as I’ve heard fantastic things about your food.”

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