Super 'Worm Moon' set to light up the sky this weekend, here's the best time to spot it

26 March 2021, 14:08

You will be able to see the Super Worm Moon this weekend
You will be able to see the Super Worm Moon this weekend. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The moon will be large and bright this weekend as astronomers wait to see the Super Worm Moon.

The night sky will be lit up with weekend with a Super 'Worm Moon'.

The moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual as it reaches the closest point to Earth.

The March Super Moon is known by many names, but is usually referred to as the Worm Moon due to the time of year when earthworms start to reappear in the soil.

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The Super Worm Moon will be bigger and brighter than usual
The Super Worm Moon will be bigger and brighter than usual. Picture: Getty

The Super Moon will happen on Sunday night, March 28, and is expected to light up the skies – as long as the clouds stay at bay.

For the best view, you'll want to go stargazing in the early hours of Monday morning which is when the sky will be darkest.

The Super Worm Moon will light up the sky on Sunday evening
The Super Worm Moon will light up the sky on Sunday evening. Picture: Getty

If you're desperate to get a good view, Parkdean Resorts have provided us with their top tips for stargazing:

1. Get up high!

The further up you are, the better your chance of a clear sky to see the stars. Take a hike in your local area and explore the surroundings to find the perfect stargazing spot! The further you are away from light pollution the better chance you'll have of seeing the stars. Moons always rise in the east and set in the west - so follow this direction in your search.

2. Turn off the lights

For those stargazing from the comfort of their homes, turning off the lights indoors can improve the visibility of the night sky, so long as you’re not afraid of the dark! Artificial light can make it harder to see stars in the sky so make sure wherever you are is as dark as possible.

3. Choose a night with clear skies

Parkdean Resorts suggests choosing a night when clear skies are expected for the best chances of seeing the stars. Not only that, but planning the stargazing adventures for special celestial events such as the Worm Moon!

4. Research what you’re looking at

Enhance the stargazing experience and download Star Chart free on AR enabled Apple or Android devices. Star Chart allows you to point the camera at the night sky and will tell you exactly what is up there!

5. Use the Time and Date website for the best chance of spotting the planets!

Time and Date allows you to input your location, before generating information about when the planets are most visible! With lots of helpful information about what's in the universe, this is a great way to educate the family about the wonders of space.

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