Viral video of man on a swing sparks furious debate over which way he’s facing

31 December 2019, 08:41 | Updated: 31 December 2019, 09:15

The internet is divided over which way this man is swinging
The internet is divided over which way this man is swinging. Picture: Twitter

A clip of a man on a swing has gone viral as no one can agree on which way he is swinging.

Every now and again, an optical illusion baffles the internet, with - what seems like - the whole world arguing over what it is.

Five years ago we were stumped by whether a dress was gold or black, and then there was the debate over a voice clip which seemed to say both ‘Laurel or Yanny’.

And now people are confused by a simple video of a man swinging on a swing.

The clip sees an anonymous person enjoying themselves in a playground, but no one is sure whether he is facing the camera recording the video, or the building in the background of the shot.

After being shared on social media site Tik Tok on December 21, the video was picked up and circulated on Twitter where is attracted more than 18million views and over 29k retweets.

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In the background, friends can be heard arguing over which way the man was swinging.

One says: “[His] back legs are bent this way! His feet are bent straight out!”

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While another replies: “I bet you $500 cash right now.”

It seems as though Twitter is completely split down the middle, with many creating diagrams to ‘prove’ their way of thinking.

This comes after a similar argument over a dress back in 2014.

Shopper Cecilia Bleasdale shared a photo of a £50 dress she was thinking of wearing to a wedding, but thousands of people argued the outfit was actually white and gold.

After days of social media spats, it was confirmed that the original dress was blue and black, with experts baffled over why some of us saw it as white and gold.

And last year a soundbite posted to online forum Reddit caused a stir, when no one could decide whether the voice was saying "Laurel" or "yanny".

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