‘I won £4 million on the lottery but refuse to give any to my family’

11 January 2022, 11:09

A man has refused to give his family any money
A man has refused to give his family any money. Picture: Getty Images/Alamy

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A man who won £4million on the lottery has refused to give any to his family.

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Most of us could only dream of winning big on the lottery, but this became a reality for one man who pocketed a whopping £4million.

The lucky lottery winner shared their exciting news on Reddit, but has said he has absolutely no plans to share the cash with his family.

The 24-year-old explained that he and his wife buy a ticket every month for fun, but were shocked when they won around 5.6 million dollars.

A man has said he doesn't want to share his lottery win
A man has said he doesn't want to share his lottery win. Picture: Alamy

"After paying all our debt (student loans, house mortgage, car loans) we had around 5 million left,” he said.

"In case you don’t know 70 percent of lottery winners go broke after a few years.

"Me being in the financial sector didn’t want to be in the 70 percent and also never have to work a real job again."

He added: "What we did was invest 3 million in a combination of mutual funds, REITs, and preferred stock funds for a very steady hands-off extremely low-risk solid return approach."

Would you share your lottery money with family?
Would you share your lottery money with family? Picture: Alamy

"With the 2 million we ended up buying a 5 million dollar apartment complex that cashflows and will give a high return with low risk.”

But when the anonymous lottery winner told his family about his sudden cash flow, they were more excited about what they could do with the money.

He said: "They started talking about a huge family trip, how I was paying for all their debt, and more."

When he then broke it to his loved ones they weren't getting any of the money, they told the man he ‘shouldn’t ever talk to them again’.

He went on: "I explained 5 million is a lot but not enough where I will be giving it away to family and they got p***ed.

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"They said I wasn’t welcomed in this family and that I shouldn’t ever talk to them again.

"I think I’m in the right because I’m doing what’s best for me and my wife.”

Unsurprisingly, the post has received a lot of reactions online.

One person said: “You’re no longer welcome in the family because you didn’t give them your money? The entitlement is nauseating.”

“Your family has shown you that blood is not thicker than money,” another daid.

A third wrote: “I’m someone who definitely would give a lot of it away to family, but there is not a single thing wrong with securing your future with it.”

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