Full list of everything you can do from today as 'Freedom Day' arrives in England

19 July 2021, 11:11 | Updated: 19 July 2021, 13:38

'Freedom Day' is officially here
'Freedom Day' is officially here. Picture: Getty

Monday July 19 sees England enter its third stage of lockdown-easing.

Today marks the first day of the final stage of lockdown-easing in England.

July 19 - dubbed 'Freedom Day' by some - will see all legal limits on social contact removed, and face masks will no longer be mandatory.

Large events like sports games and festivals will also be able to operate as normal, and nightclubs will be able to reopen their doors.

When announcing the rules, he stressed that the pandemic was "far from over", adding: "It certainly won't be over by the 19th".

He said: "As we begin to learn to live with this virus, we must all continue to carefully manage the risks from Covid and exercise judgment when going about our lives."

Here's everything that will be legally allowed from July 19.

Nightclubs are officially open again
Nightclubs are officially open again. Picture: Getty

No legal limits on social contact

From July 19, and unlimited number of people will be able to gather in any setting - meaning parties and christenings can continue as normal.

The '1m+' social distancing rule scrapped

The 1m+ social distancing rule will be scrapped, meaning people won't have to stay apart from each other.

However, there will be an exception if you are in airport arrivals or have tested positive for Covid-19 and are on the way to self-isolation.

Nightclubs and festivals can return

Large events haven't taken place at full capacity since March 2020, but July 19 will see the return of businesses like nightclubs after over a year.

Boris Johnson in self-isolation after being 'pinged' by NHS Test & Trace

'Work from home' advice scrapped

The work from home advice, which has been in place since March 2020, will be scrapped

Officials aren't encouraging people to go back to the office, however, and this is at the discretion of employers.

Covid passports can be used by individual venues (but not required by law)

Venues will be able to choose if they used Covid status certification as a condition of entry.

This won't be required by law, and will be up to the individual business.

Covid passports show a person's vaccine status, negative rapid test result, or the existence of Covid antibodies.

It will be facilitated by the NHS app.

You can order at the bar at pubs

Previously, pubs were only able to offer table service because of social distancing rules.

This rule will be scrapped on July 19, and people will be able to order at the bar again.

Customers will no longer be required to scan QR codes, but individuals can still scan if they want to.

Care home visitors limit axed

Previously, only five people were are able to visit a named car home resident, but this limit will be axed on July 19.

However, there may still be a limit on the number of people that can visit a resident on one day.

Masks will no longer be mandatory

From July 19, it will be up to the individual on whether to wear a mask, as they will no longer be legally mandatory.

Masks also won't be required in care homes, though they will be advised.

When asked whether vulnerable people should avoid public transport, Boris Johnson said: "It will be down to individuals to make a judgment on their personal circumstances.

Face masks are no longer required by law
Face masks are no longer required by law. Picture: Alamy

"That’s been the case previously and the public have been able to do that based on the latest evidence and advice, and that’s the approach we’re going to take."

Chris Whitty said that he would wear a mask in three settings - any situation indoors and crowded or in close proximity to other people, if required by authorities, and if someone else wanted him to "as a point of common courtesy".

He added: "This is a thing we do to protect other people."