Snow forecast to hit UK for Christmas Day

20 December 2023, 16:31

Snow forecast to hit UK for Christmas Day
Snow forecast to hit UK for Christmas Day. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Will it snow on Christmas Day? The Met Office's latest forecast reveals that we may have a White Christmas.

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Snow has been forecast to hit the UK for Christmas Day, the Met Office have predicted.

Following a week of mild temperatures and rain for much of the nation, snow has been forecast to fall on Monday 25th December.

Over the weekend, the North are expected to see some wintery showers and frost.

Sadly, however, the snow may not transform the UK into a Winter Wonderland for the big day, with the snow unlikely to settle or be widespread across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Will there be a White Christmas? Met Office latest forecast

Met Office deputy Chief Meteorologist Helen Caughey said: “As we begin Christmas Day wintry showers initially feeding in across the north in the colder air mass would technically make it a white Christmas, as we only need to see a single flake falling.

“Elsewhere, while it is likely at first to be mostly dry there is the potential for rain approaching from the west later on."

She continued to explain: "As this moves east, we may see rain turning to snow, at least over high ground. It’s unlikely that we will see widespread or settling snow giving any proper accumulations.

“Although technically it might be a white Christmas, don’t get your hopes up for a picture-perfect white landscape.”

The forecaster said that this "colder interlude" will be short lived and that milder and more unsettled conditions will move in later on Christmas Day.

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