Who is Daniel Daggers? Buying London star's age, net worth and company details revealed

28 May 2024, 09:16

Daniel Daggers appears on Netflix's Buying London
Daniel Daggers appears on Netflix's Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@daniel_daggers/Netflix

By Hope Wilson

Who is Netflix's Buying London agent Daniel Daggers? Here is everything you need to know from his net worth to his age and involvement in DDRE Global.

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Buying London on Netflix is set to become our new obsession as we watch the agents at DDRE Global sell some of the hottest property in the Capital, all under the watchful eye of their boss Daniel Daggers.

Set to be the UK's answer to Selling Sunset, there's going to be plenty of glitz, glamour and a hint of drama on Buying London, as we follow the talented team through their million-pound deals.

The DDRE Global team is led by self-titled 'Mr Super Prime', also known as entrepreneur Daniel Daggers. Following a humble start in life, Daniel has gone on to grow his business and dominate the London retail space. With over 20 years in the business, we're excited to see what Daniel and his company have to offer.

What is Daniel Daggers' net worth, how old is he, is he married and what is DDRE Global? Here is everything you need to know about the Buying London star.

Daniel Daggers is the star of Buying London
Daniel Daggers is the star of Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@daniel_daggers

How old is Daniel Daggers and where has he worked before?

Daniel is 44-years-old. According to his LinkedIn profile, Daniel began his career at 17-years-old as a real estate agent in London.

He then continued to work his way up the ranks at Knight Frank, before leaving the business and starting his own company DDRE Global in 2020.

What is Daniel Daggers's net worth?

Daniel has reportedly made sales of $5.5 billion and managed to sell London's most expensive home – 3 Carlton Gardens – for a staggering £95 million.

While he has managed to sell a vast amount of properties for eye watering prices, it is currently unknown what Daniel's exact net worth is.

Who is Daniel Daggers's wife?

Daniel isn't married and appears to be single. During his time on the show, the DDRE boss often opened up about how he has always put his business before relationships.

While many of the advisors thought he may have dated Lauren, it looks like these two are just friends and have a strictly platonic friendship.

Daniel Daggers is an entrepreneur
Daniel Daggers is an famously known as an entrepreneur. Picture: Instagram/@daniel_daggers

What is Daniel Daggers's Instagram?

Fans can follow Daniel on Instagram @daniel_daggers.

Known as 'Mr Super Prime', Daniel often posts videos of various homes in London he is listing as well as images of his employees and friends.

The founder of DDRE boats over 65,000 followers and continues to post motivational messages for budding entrepreneurs on his social media accounts.

Where is Daniel Daggers from?

Daniel grew up in local authority housing in West London. Speaking about his upbringing, Daniel told Tatler: "There were lots of kids in the high-rises and these flats. "

He added: "We would play football ‘til the sun went down and our mums came out and said, ‘Dinner’s ready'."

As a child Daniel won a place at a local private school free of charge before beginning his real estate career.

Watch the Buying London trailer here:

Watch the trailer for Buying London

What is DDRE Global?

Daniel is the founder of DDRE Global. According to their LinkedIn, DDRE is a "relationship-based, results-driven and full digital business". The company have a team of advisors who work with clients to match them with their "most optimal properties, homes, and investments, all through an effective and seamless process."

It appears the company was founded in 2020 and currently has 37 employees, with the DDRE Global headquarters based in London.

What is the Daniel Daggers Academy?

Buying London star Daniel owns the Daniel Daggers Academy which allows future entrepreneurs to build their skill set.

According to the Daniel Daggers Academy website, the course will cover everything from: "Sales training, growing your network, navigating digital channels, down to building your own personal brand."

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