Buying London's Juliana Ardenius' age, net worth, nationality and Instagram revealed

30 May 2024, 16:38

Juliana Ardenius is starring in Buying London
Juliana Ardenius is starring in Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@julianaardenius/Netflix

By Hope Wilson

How old is Buying London's Juliana Ardenius, where is she from, does she have Instagram and what is her net worth? Here are all the answers you need.

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Netflix's Buying London has certainly scratched our reality TV itch, with cast members such as Juliana Ardenius becoming instant stars.

As the UK's answer to Selling Sunset has made it to our screens, we've seen plenty of drama already. While tensions had been brewing under the surface, friction between Juliana and the rest of the team reached new heights when she was accused of flirting with colleague Oli Hamilton in front of his wife.

However after getting to know her a bit better, fans saw that Juliana hadn't had the easiest start in life and has been open about her financial struggles which once saw her homeless. Now she has turned over a new leaf and is making a name for herself in the interior design world.

How old is Juliana Ardenius, where is she from, what is her net worth and does she have Instagram? All the details on the Buying London star revealed.

Juliana Ardenius is an interior designer
Juliana Ardenius is an interior designer. Picture: Instagram/@julianaardenius

How old is Juliana Ardenius and where has she worked before?

Juliana is 30-years-old. She started her career as an interior designer less than 10 years ago, after venturing into the world on interior design on a whim.

Juliana revealed she took the initiative to contact estate agents and offer her services, telling Leicestershire Live: "I heard back from one estate agent, and I furnished a three-bedroom apartment in two weeks – I had no money, no workmen, no storage and bought everything from IKEA and Gumtree.

"It was a random idea that I had but I found myself drilling together all of the furniture, and from there it grew to a really successful business."

What is Juliana Ardenius's nationality?

Juliana Ardenius is originally from Sweden but moved to the UK in 2017. The former model has faced hardships in the past after she was made homeless with only £160 to her name when an investment went wrong.

Speaking of her difficult experience upon moving to the UK, Juliana told Leicestershire Live: "I came here with nothing, I eventually saved up some money through jobs but I was trusting the wrong people.

"I invested all of my money in one of my acquaintance’s projects and I lost everything – he emotionally blackmailed me. At the time, I couldn’t afford my rent because of this, I was on the streets for a few weeks."

Unfortunately Juliana found herself in an abusive relationship but managed to escape and start her interior design career.

Juliana Ardenius causes a stir on Buying London
Juliana Ardenius causes a stir on Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@julianaardenius

What is Juliana Ardenius' net worth?

Juliana is reportedly a millionaire, according to The Sun, however her exact net worth is currently unknown.

Despite making a large amount of money, Juliana hasn't forgotten about her humble beginnings, confessing: "I’m such a hard worker, I go above and beyond, and I think my experiences have made me very personable, and I’ve definitely been very lucky."

She went on to add: "I think if the old me knew what I was doing now, I’d never, ever, ever believe it.

"Most days I think to myself, ‘Is this actually happening?’ I’m still getting used to it and I’m still a humble small-town girl for sure."

What is Juliana Ardenius' Instagram?

Buying London fans can follow Juliana on Instagram @julianaardenius.

She regularly shares images of her interior designs as well as photos of horses and motivational messages to empower her followers.

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