Buying London star Olivia Wayne's age, husband, net worth and previous TV roles revealed

29 May 2024, 15:43

Olivia Wayne is a presenter for DDRE Global on Buying London
Olivia Wayne is a presenter for DDRE Global on Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@oliviajwayne/Netflix

By Hope Wilson

How old is Olivia Wayne, what is her net worth and who is her husband Zeb? Here is everything you need to know about the Buying London star including her children.

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Buying London on Netflix has introduced us to some of the best real estate agents in the Capital as we watch them sell some of the UK's most expensive homes.

Whilst the advisors have an important part to play in the show, another cast member who is equally as talented is Olivia Wayne. While her role within the company is slightly different to the rest, she is sure to provide us with just as much drama as her counterparts.

Describing herself on the DDRE Global website as "energetic, loyal and positive", Olivia was recruited by founder Daniel Daggers, 44, as a presenter and broadcaster for the business. The pair have been pals for years so fans will be interested to see how their friendship develops whilst on the show.

How old is Olivia Wayne, who is her husband, was she on Sky Sports and what is her net worth? Here is everything you need to know.

Olivia Wayne features in Buying London
Olivia Wayne has a different role to her cast mates in Buying London. Picture: Instagram/@oliviajwayne

How old is Olivia Wayne and where did she go to University?

Olivia is 38-years-old. She attended North London Collegiate School before going on to earn a degree in American and Canadian studies from the University of Birmingham.

Who is Olivia Wayne's husband?

Olivia is married to DJ and producer Zeb Wayne, who is the son of composer and musician, Jeff Wayne.

The couple tied the knot in 2010 and share three children together, Ozzie, Iziah and Zadie Juno, whom Olivia often posts updates on social media.

What is Olivia Wayne's Instagram?

Fans can follow Olivia on Instagram @oliviajwayne. She often posts pictures of her children and husband as well as days out with friends.

So far Olivia has amassed almost 55,000 followers on Instagram, with that number sure to grow following her appearance on Buying London.

Olivia Wayne is married to Zeb Wayne
Olivia Wayne is married to DJ Zeb Wayne. Picture: Instagram/@oliviajwayne

Was Olivia Wayne on Sky Sports?

Olivia presented Good Morning Sports Fans on Sky Sports News.

Speaking about the dificulties of working at Sky and being pregnant with her first son, Ozzie, Olivia told Mori: "Being pregnant on Sky Sports News could be tough at times. The very early morning shifts (waking at 3am to go on air at 6am) became very tiring as my pregnancy developed.

"Being restricted as to how often I could go to the toilet when on air also got tricky sometimes – in the last trimester it was during every advert break!"

What is Olivia Wayne's net worth?

It is currently unknown what Olivia's net worth is, however she has crafted a successful media career as a presenter on Sky and as a cast member on Buying London.

Olivia has also gained a loyal following on social media and has partnered with various brands on the platform.

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