Alex de Minaur fact file - Tennis star's net worth, height, family and titles explained

10 July 2024, 12:59 | Updated: 10 July 2024, 13:07

Alex de Minaur is a 25-year-old professional tennis player
Alex de Minaur is a 25-year-old professional tennis player. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

What is Alex de Minaur's net worth? How tall is Alex de Minaur? Is he in a relationship and what tennis titles does he hold? All your questions answered.

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Alex de Minaur, 25, has pulled out of his match with Novak Jokovic on centre court of Wimbledon on the 10th of July, sending the Serbian player straight through to the semi-finals. The young Australian achieved a personal best ATP singles ranking of seven in June 2024 and is now the highest-ranked Australian player in recent history.

He has been playing the sport since the age of three and has been trained by the likes of former tennis players Cindy and Kerry Dock as well as boasting Lleyton Hewitt as his mentor.

Spectators often question how to pronounce the player's name correctly and we can confirm Alex de Minaur’s last name is phonetically pronounced De Min-Or.

Fans of tennis have watched Alex’s consistent effort in the sport and have been left asking many questions like; what is his net worth, where is he from, who’s he dating and what titles does he hold? Here's everything you need to know about Alex de Minaur’s life including where he’s from and who he’s in a relationship with.

Alex de Minaur represents Australia on the courts of Wimbledon
Alex de Minaur represents Australia on the courts of Wimbledon. Picture: Getty

Where is Alex de Minaur from and where was he born?

Alex de Minaur was born in Sydney, Australia, however he has incredibly strong ties to Spain with his father, Anibal, being Uruguayan and his mother, Esther, being Spanish.

He may represent Australia on the courts, but Alex has dual citizenship across Australia and Spain and has lived in both countries for extended periods of time.

Despite relocating to Alicante in Spain in 2015, Alex has openly talked about the bond he feels with Australia which is why he continues to represent them.

Alex de Minaur has dual citizenship across Australia and Spain
Alex de Minaur has dual citizenship across Australia and Spain. Picture: Instagram: @alexdeminaur

What is Alex de Minaur's net worth?

Alex’s net worth has been estimated to sit around $3 - $4 million (£2.35 - £3.12 million) by multiple media outlets.

However, that figure could be a little conservative considering the athlete has won roughly $13,640,460 million (£10.6 million) in prize money over his career just on-court, according to ATP.

Alex has partnered with brands like Swisse Wellness, Tag Heuer, Wilson and Asics through brand endorsements and sponsorships throughout his career.

How tall is Alex De Minaur?

Alex De Minaur is 1.82m tall, or six foot.

Alex de Minaur stands at six feet tall
Alex de Minaur stands at six feet tall. Picture: Getty

Is Alex de Minaur in a relationship?

Alex is in a relationship with fellow tennis professional Katie Boulter, who is currently Britain’s No. 1 ranked player in Ladies' Singles.

The pair have officially been together since 2021 after rumours circling about them in the press for months.

By March of the same year, Alex made things Instagram official by posting on International Women’s Day, writing, "Happy International women's day!! Specially to this one, I don't mind you!! @katiecboulter."

The couple may have only been dating for three years, but they’ve been friends for longer and have supported one another’s careers even longer than that.

Speaking to the tabloids, Alex revealed that Katie was his biggest supporter on tour. "Oh, yeah, she's amazing,” he said referencing Katie, "Yeah, I guess it's the beauty of us being both in the same sport.”

"We kind of understand each other….We know what to expect, how we can help each other in certain situations."

What titles does Alex de Minaur hold?

According to the ATP, Alex has won nine ATP Tour singles titles, one in doubles and one in teams.

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