Love Island's Curtis Prichard reveals he is open to relationship with a man

5 August 2019, 10:40 | Updated: 5 August 2019, 10:46

Curtis came fourth on Love Island with his partner Maura
Curtis came fourth on Love Island with his partner Maura. Picture: ITV

Curtis Pritchard has spoken out about his sexuality - revealing that he'd be open to dating a man in the future

Love Island 2019 star Curtis Pritchard has spoken out about his sexuality, revealing that he rejects 'labels' and wouldn't rule out a relationship with a man in future.

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The 23-year-old professional ballroom dancer - who came in fourth place with Maura Higgins, 28 - said: “I’ve been with women and I’m with a woman now. You can never put a label on anything. It’s a cliche to say, but love is blind.  I can never ever say what will happen in the future. I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

Curtis has spoken out about his sexuality
Curtis has spoken out about his sexuality. Picture: ITV

He also spoke out about rejecting Maura's advances while in bed with her on the show, adding to The Sun: “It was worth the wait. I’m glad we did it away from the cameras, but that’s all I’ll say, as a gentleman never kisses and tells.

“I never felt pressured to have sex on TV. I didn’t want to show off Maura to the world.  I was absolutely fine talking about sex, but actually performing it in front of people was next-level stuff.

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“Maura understood that and said we were lucky that I have a strong willpower. At times you did want to let go under the covers, so I had to remind myself that there were cameras on us.

“It’s human instinct, it’s natural — we’re put on this planet to reproduce, it’s part of us. It was hard not to do it.”

Speaking on Lorraine earlier today, Curtis spoke out about his recent revelation, saying: "I spoke to Maura last night because we saw it and basically I'm happy with Maura. I'm happy with how things are going with Maura and we can see a future together.

"We've both said the same thing sort of so that's that really. Maura's head is clear and my head is clear on where we're going. The future is an unwritten path sometimes, you don't know.

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"Like last year, would I have said I'd go on Love Island? No, never and then I was on Love Island."