Love Island viewers SQUIRM as Curtis rejects Maura's advances

25 July 2019, 21:47

Curtis rejected Maura's advances in tonight's episode
Curtis rejected Maura's advances in tonight's episode. Picture: ITV

Maura and Curtis were in bed when Curtis told her that it 'wasn't the night'

Curtis Pritchard told Maura Higgins that tonight 'isn't the night' when the pair were getting intimate in bed in tonight's episode.

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The professional ballroom dancer, 23, told the grid girl, 28 that he didn't want to do anything.

Maura then said "I want you", and asked him: "If tonight's not the night, then when will it be the night?".

Curtis then told her that he was tired, and they went to sleep.

The next day, she told Molly-Mae and Belle Hassan: "I'm actually losing my patience".

Curtis and Maura were in bed at the start of the episode
Curtis and Maura were in bed at the start of the episode. Picture: ITV

Curtis later pulled Maura aside and told her: "The thing that happened in bed and stuff, don't take that the wrong way because literally everything that had gone on.. four people had left, I was looking after the babies, i didn't sleep as I was looking after it. In bed, I had a headaches. Last night was not the time. I just want to reassure you and let you know there's nothing wrong. "

Maura later said in the Beach Hut: "I think it's bickering and it's tiredness and high emotions, when you're feeling down."

Curtis and Maura came to blows in the previous two episodes after Curtis advised Jordan Hames to crack on with India Reynolds behind Anna Vakili's back.

Elsewhere in tonight's episode, Curtis and Maura went on their final date.

Maura received a text saying: “Maura and Curtis. It’s time to get ready to leave the villa for your final date! #facethemusic #forbiddenfruit.”

Maura and Curtis went on their final date tonight
Maura and Curtis went on their final date tonight. Picture: ITV

While they were on their date, she told him: “I know I don’t tell you a lot of the time that I like you, but I really do."You’re funny and I love your smile. When you smile, I smile.”

Curtis then responded with: "Ah. Erm, I literally don't know what to say."

He also said of Maura in the Beach Hut: “I’m just so excited. Maura makes me smile. She makes me happy and she makes me laugh.

"I could just look at her all day because she is absolutely beautiful. I’m a very lucky man.”