Frankie Bridge's honest bedtime routine that encourages her sons to speak about their feelings

18 March 2022, 13:50 | Updated: 18 March 2022, 14:14

Frankie Bridge opens up about the pressures of parenting in Heart's new series 'No Filter'

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Frankie Bridge opened up about the pressures of parenting in Heart's new series 'No Filter'.

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Frankie Bridge has revealed the sweet way she encourages her sons to open up about their feelings.

The Saturdays singer joined us for Heart’s brand new series 'No Filter', where she spoke candidly about the pressures of raising her two boys, Parker, eight, and Carter, five.

“I really try to encourage them to speak about their feelings,” Frankie, 33, told us.

“As we all know men and boys seem to find it so much tougher, over the years they’ve been taught they shouldn’t cry or be emotional, as we know that isn’t true.”

Frankie Bridge has opened up about being a mum
Frankie Bridge has opened up about being a mum. Picture: Alamy

Explaining how she normalises speaking openly about emotions, the star said: “I ask my boys every night what made them happy in their day and what made them sad to encourage them to think about it in that way and be open and honest with me.”

Frankie shares her boys with husband Wayne Bridge, who also has a teenage step-son called Jaydon, 14, from a previous relationship.

Opening up about becoming a parent for the first time, the I’m A Celebrity star admitted she found it hard to ignore outside opinions.

“From the moment you’re pregnant everyone has so many opinions and not everybody's journey is the same.

“I wish I could go back and tell myself to shut my ears off and only take in the information that I really wanted or actually asked for.

“I think it’s okay to say actually I’m fine, I’ll figure it out even if you feel like you might not, because you will and I think that’s the scariest part of being a parent.”

Frankie shot to fame at the age of just 12-years-old when she joined group S Club Juniors back in 2001.

From 2007 to 2014, Frankie was part of girl group The Saturdays, with the band releasing four albums and bagging 13 top 10 singles.

Frankie Bridge was part of The Saturdays
Frankie Bridge was part of The Saturdays. Picture: Alamy

But Frankie told us being part of a band meant she hasn’t found it easy to share her opinions.

“I haven’t always felt comfortable speaking about what I believe in,” she said.

“Coming from a girl band I really felt my role was to entertain, I wasn’t there to have an opinion, it has come with age.

“I’ve found talking about things a lot easier and I don’t mind being honest and saying when I don’t really understand something or don’t feel like a subject is mine to comment on.”

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