Helen Skelton reveals she lost £70k life savings in banking scam

29 July 2022, 10:37 | Updated: 29 July 2022, 10:39

Helen Skelton lost £70k of her life savings
Helen Skelton lost £70k of her life savings. Picture: Instagram

Helen Skelton has said she 'feels really stupid' after an internet scam cost her £70k worth of life savings.

Helen Skelton has opened up about losing £70,000 of her life savings in a banking scam.

The 39-year-old first opened up about what happened back in 2019, but now she has spoken out again to warn others about internet safety.

Helen is mum to baby daughter Elsie Kate, as well as sons Ernie, seven, and five-year-old Louis, who she shares with her ex Richie Myler.

Helen Skelton has a young daughter
Helen Skelton has a young daughter. Picture: Instagram

After previously saying she lost the cash that was meant for her 'children's future' after falling prey to a fake caller, the TV star has now partnered with Lloyds Bank.

Talking about her eldest son, Helen said: "The notion of him chatting to his mates online scares me a bit.

"I don’t know that world and we’ve all heard plenty of things that could go wrong."

She added: "I mean, come on – even as adults it is so easy to fall victim to a fraudster. I’ve done it – it has happened to me. It makes you feel really stupid. But it has happened to so many people who aren’t stupid.”

Helen Skelton has opened up about being scammed
Helen Skelton has opened up about being scammed. Picture: Instagram

This comes after Helen previously opened up about the incident, telling Lorraine: "I got phoned up by the bank, told something dodgy had been going on with my account. A week later £70,000 had gone.

"And it was just a few questions over the phone. The reason I've made this programme is because it happens every day of the week.

"We're not talking about little old ladies who are victims who don't understand the internet, that's a massively naive assumption.

"It's happening to people and they're too embarrassed to say that it's happened."

She said the caller had seemed 'nice and genuine', adding: "I cried buckets when I realised.

"That money was meant to be for my children’s future. I was thinking of my kids, and about how I would have to work even more and not see them to try to get it back."