Holly Willoughby mortified as she accidentally ruins This Morning chef’s wedding surprise

9 June 2021, 10:27 | Updated: 9 June 2021, 10:30

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

This Morning fans were left in hysterics after Holly Willoughby let out a secret about Clodagh McKenna's wedding.

Holly Willoughby was horrified on This Morning yesterday when she accidentally gave away a secret about chef Clodagh McKenna's wedding.

Clodagh was in the studio showing Holly and Phillip Schofield how to make an elderflower and lemon drizzle cake.

After taking a bit of Clodagh’s cake, 40-year-old Holly said: "This is so good, and you love this cake so much, you had it in your wedding cake?"

Holly Willoughby was mortified that she gave away Clodagh's wedding secret
Holly Willoughby was mortified that she gave away Clodagh's wedding secret. Picture: ITV

Clodagh then hesitated, before replying: "Well it's going to be in my wedding cake in August but I wasn't going to tell anybody!"

Holly looked horrified as she put her hand over her mouth and Phillip hung his head.

"Oh! You said it earlier to me and I just thought you were...,” Holly said.

Laughing awkwardly, Clodagh responded: "No don't be silly, no it's not that big a deal, I want to give you a hug and I can't! It's going to be in my wedding in August."

Clearly embarrassed by the blunder, Holly apologised again, saying: "You said it to me earlier … oh my god I’m so sorry."

Phillip Schofield found the whole thing hilarious
Phillip Schofield found the whole thing hilarious. Picture: ITV

But taking it well, Clodagh tried to comfort her, adding: “Don’t be so silly, oh my god don’t be so silly.”

The crew could be heard laughing, as Phillip said: “Oh god, what has happened,” while sipping from his cocktail.

He added: “Is that a break? I can feel a break in the distance,” before Holly apologised one last time.

While Clodagh moved the conversation back to the cocktail, viewers found the whole thing hilarious.

"The cooking section was absolute chaos #ThisMorning,” wrote one person on Twitter.

"OMG, Holly Willoughby has just let out a massive secret about Clodagh’s wedding. It’s all gone to s**t. #ThisMorning," joked another.

A third wrote: "Clodagh has put this biggest smile on my face! Oh & now Holly putting her big size 5’s in it with the wedding cake blunder @thismorning #thismorning #itv #ithappenstothebestofus.”

While a fourth added: "Omg!! Holly just put her foot in it yet again #ThisMorning."