When did Jade Goody get married to husband Jack Tweed and did he ever remarry?

22 June 2020, 14:43 | Updated: 22 June 2020, 14:46

Jade Goody married Jack Tweed in 2009
Jade Goody married Jack Tweed in 2009. Picture: Getty

Jade and Jack got married in 2009, shortly before the reality star tragically died of cervical cancer.

Jade Goody rose to fame during series three of Big Brother, after which she became known as Britain's first ever proper 'reality star'.

She embarked on a number of TV projects over the years, including two more BB stints on Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother India.

While she was in the house of the latter, she was told via phone call that she had cervical cancer. Jade tragically died in 2009 of the illness.

A month before her death, she got married to Jack Tweed, and unseen footage of the wedding was shown in 2019 documentary Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain.

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Jade and Jack got married in February 2009, one month before she died
Jade and Jack got married in February 2009, one month before she died. Picture: Getty

When did Jade Goody marry Jack Tweed?

Jade got married to Jack on 22 February 2009 in Essex. She died exactly one month later.

Her bridesmaid Caroline Silverstein previously opened up to The Sun about Jade's wedding, saying: "She was dancing on the tables at the reception when the doctors had told her to be in her wheelchair.

"Jade said 'Don't let anyone know I've gone. Don't let anyone see me leave.'

"Jack came up briefly. Jade was out of it and asleep. I told her the next day he'd stayed with her all night, she didn't need to know any different."

Did Jack Tweed ever remarry after Jade?

Jack last year opened up about not being able to find anyone that measured up to Jade during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

He said: “I’m alright, I just get by, you know what I mean, I just get on with it. But yes, I haven’t met anyone. I don’t feel like I could meet anyone yet, as no one really compares to Jade, so I don’t want to put that person… It’s not fair on a person to put them through that.”

Jack also spoke out about the documentary, saying: “I watched the first episode yesterday, it’s like an hour long. You zone into it, where I haven’t heard her voice for a while or seen any programmes on her for a while. So I sort of I zoned in, I didn’t want it to end. It was like, it brought her back a little bit. Then it finished and I realised she was gone again now.”

On her voice, he added: “It makes you feel closer to her, as soon as you hear her. No one sounds like Jade, as soon as Jade talks you can tell it’s Jade from a mile away.”

Speaking about their relationship, he continued: “We met in a nightclub just round the corner in Essex. Then we didn’t speak for a while and then we met in the same club again. I put on an extra five years to my age, yeah.”

Jack was too young to watch the series of Big Brother she was on in 2003, but added: “Watching the programme yesterday, I didn’t watch the first big Brother, so I didn’t know how much, I knew she got abused, but I didn’t realise to the extreme of what the newspapers were calling her and how bad it really was. That was a bit of a shock.”

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