Jason Derulo knocks out Will Smith's front teeth in shocking video

13 August 2020, 18:30

The star knocked out Will's teeth
The star knocked out Will's teeth. Picture: TikTok

The chart-topping singer was playing golf with pal Will when an apparent accident occurred.

Jason Derulo appeared to knock out Will Smith's two front teeth in a hilarious video for Tiktok which sees the actor teach Derulo how to golf.

Will, 51, was showing Jason, 30, how to set up to swing when he was accidentally "hit in the face" by the golf club.

He then turned around and it looked like both of his front teeth had been knocked out, to which Jason said "put some ice on that" jokingly.

Of course, the video was a set-up for social media as both the stars love a good prank, with Savage Love singer Jason having done something similar a few weeks ago.

Will shared the video online, joking: "And we never saw @jasonderulo again."

Jason has racked up an impressive TikTok following thanks to his pranks, and although the boys haven't explicitly said this was one, fans are convinced that is the case.

One wrote: "Its wonderfully fake🤣🤣 nice".

Another commented: "This has to be a prank😀😀."

Jason 'hit' Will in the face
Jason 'hit' Will in the face. Picture: Instagram

A third added: "That’s definitely not real".

Back at the height of lockdown in May, Jason appeared to snap off his front teeth while eating corn off a drill.

Holding the corn, which is fixed to a household drill, towards his mouth, he told his followers: "Hey, have y'all seen this? I've always wanted to try it. Life hack."

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