Kelsey Parker opens up about how she speaks to her kids about Tom's death

29 June 2022, 12:03 | Updated: 29 June 2022, 12:04

Tom Parker tragically died of a brain tumour in March
Tom Parker tragically died of a brain tumour in March. Picture: Instagram/Kelsey Parker

Tom Parker's wife Kelsey has opened up about how she broke the devastating news of his death to their children.

Kelsey Parker has opened up about how she is handling her late husband Tom's tragic death with their two children.

Tom, who is known for being a singer in band The Wanted, passed away in March after a battle with brain cancer.

Speaking about how she told their two kids Aurelia, two, and Bodhi, 20-months, Kelsey told OK! magazine that she had been 'careful' with the words she used.

She said that she told Aurelia that Tom is 'dead' and with the 'angels and butterflies' to avoid confusion.

“We’ve been really careful of the words we’ve used, because if you say, ‘Daddy has gone to sleep,’ I don’t want her to be scared to go to sleep," Kelsey explained.

Kelsey and Tom share two children
Kelsey and Tom share two children. Picture: Instagram/Kelsey Parker

"Now she won’t have the confusion when she goes to school and she’s talking to people. People know her dad has died and if she’s upfront and honest with them then they can’t beat around the bush either. She can say to people, ‘My dad is dead, he’s with the angels and butterflies now.’”

In an interview with Lorraine Kelly earlier this month, Kelsey tragically revealed that her daughter doesn't understand that her dad is 'not coming back'.

"Whenever [Aurelia] sees pictures of her dad, she’s like, 'It’s my dad!' She’ll be three at the end of this month," Kelsey said.

Tom tragically passed away earlier this year
Tom tragically passed away earlier this year. Picture: Instagram/Kelsey Parker

"I’ve been really honest, she does still talk about him every day, she doesn’t quite understand he’s not coming back."

Kelsey explained that she had to be 'really blunt and say he’s not coming back, that’s it, he’s dead and he’s not coming back because she doesn’t really understand'.

She added: "She’s just really confused by it. She thinks he's on tour. But we do then talk about him every day. She does ask me every day about him."