Mario Falcone hits back after being 'parent shamed' for drinking alcohol while bathing his baby

4 January 2019, 11:08 | Updated: 4 January 2019, 11:51

Mario Falcone and Becky Miesner welcomed baby Parker Jax in November last year
Mario Falcone and Becky Miesner welcomed baby Parker-Jax in November last year. Picture: Instagram

Mario Falcone was blasted on Instagram for a photo of him giving his baby Parker-Jax a bath

Mario Falcone has been forced to hit back after getting trolled for an innocent photo of him bathing his son.

He posted an adorable picture of he and his girlfriend Becky Miesner giving their son Parker-Jax a bath on New Year's Eve alongside the caption: "Bubbles for us and bubbles for Parker!

"Seeing in the new year with my little family... Happy new year everyone".

But some people took issue with the fact the couple were drinking alcohol in the picture.

One user wrote: "Getting drunk whilst bathing your kid? Very responsible".

Many of Mario's followers slammed the troll, with one writing: "a glass or 2 of bubbles does not imply they are getting drunk whilst bathing there kid."

And Mario himself waded into the comments section, writing: "yeah because a half a glass of champagne will get me well wasted you silly little twerp".

The former TOWIE star later took to his Instagram story to hit back at parent-shaming, saying: "So I wanted to talk about something that really confuses me on social media and that’s this whole nature of when a parent posts a picture of their child, other parents think it’s their right to then criticise the way in which that parent is bringing up their child, write a negative comment.

"It really confuses me because I scroll through my timeline all the time and there’s pictures of people with their babies and I think, ‘Hmmm, that’s not what I would do,’ but then I don’t think, ‘Do you know what? I’m going to comment, I’m going to bring that person down and make them feel bad about the way in which they’re raising their child.

"Because as a parent, especially a new first time parent, I understand how hard it is and you’re learning as you go along so I wouldn’t want to bring another person down who is in the same scenario.

"It really confuses me because obviously as parents we’re all doing our best to raise our children; we want what’s best for out children," he added.

"So, I think personally, wind your necks in and focus on your own children.

"Me, I love my son, I love my niece and I love my nephews. Other than that, your child’s your child, you do what you’ve got to do."

Mario and Becky welcomed baby Parker-Jax in November last year.

He announced the news on Instagram, writing: "Happy to announce the birth of our beautiful little boy PARKER-JAX FALCONE. Weighing 7lbs 4oz. Both mummy @beckymiesner1 and baby are fine. He is absolutely perfect! ❤".


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