Martin Lewis forced to delete tweet about daughter, 9, after trolls accuse him of lying

21 October 2022, 10:41

Martin Lewis has been forced to delete a Tweet
Martin Lewis has been forced to delete a Tweet. Picture: ITV/Twitter

Martin Lewis has to remove a story about his young daughter after he was accused of making it up.

Martin Lewis has hit out at trolls after he was accused of making up a story about his daughter.

The Money Saving Expert has been sharing advice to his followers about how they can reduce their costs during the cost of living crisis.

But he took to Twitter this week to post a sweet story about his nine-year-old daughter Sapphire.

In a now-deleted tweet, he said he had asked his daughter what she thinks the government’s job is.

Martin Lewis has hit out at his Twitter followers
Martin Lewis has hit out at his Twitter followers. Picture: ITV

He wrote: "Just been blown away by mini MSE (aged 9). I asked her if she knew what the government's job is.

"She simply replied: 'The government's job is to help shape the country.' Brilliant and succinct.”

But after posted the Tweet, cruel trolls flooded him with cruel comments, claiming the sweet moment ‘didn't happen’.

The 50-year-old quickly hit back, sharing a new Tweet which read: "Twitter really is a horrible place sometimes.

"I tweeted a nice little comment about my little girl, only to get lots of replies.

"Why would I bother making something like that up? I was proud of her.

"I've deleted it, as I can't be bothered with people who want to ruin it."

Fans were quick to support the financial expert, with one writing: "Take no notice Martin!. Some people will always be vindictive just for the fun of it. Post your earlier comment back up."

Someone else said: "That's so sad, I must admit I've noticed a lot more hateful and nasty replies in the last few weeks on a lot of tweets, if people could only be kind or just scroll by if it's not for them."

A third wrote: “That's such a shame. You should be proud of your young person. Sorry that there are such trolls on twitter.”

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