Mel B responds to claims of a Jess Glynne 'romance'

24 July 2019, 16:01 | Updated: 24 July 2019, 16:31

Exclusive: Mel B and Jess Glynne were hit by romance rumours soon after Jess supported the Spice Girls on tour

Mel B has hit back at claims she was romantically linked with Jess Glynne, claiming that she finds the rumours 'funny'.

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Speaking to Heart ahead of her new show A Brutally Honest Evening With Mel B, she dismissed the claims, saying: "I can't even keep tracks as to what rumour went where, but I saw a lot. I think it's funny. They really have no clue".

Jess Glynne supported the Spice Girls on their UK tour
Jess Glynne supported the Spice Girls on their UK tour. Picture: Getty

Jess Glynne supported the Spice Girls on their UK tour earlier this year, and rumours of a fling between her and Mel surfaced soon after the shows came to an end.

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A source told The Sun: “They became so close while on tour that there were whispers behind the scenes that they were having a secret romance. But Mel is adamant they’re just pals.”

Mel opened up about her friendship with Mel B to Heart, saying: "I think she's her own force in her own right and respectfully so because she's an amazing artist and amazing singer and an amazing writer. She was texting me this morning - because I didn't text her for the last couple of days - saying 'oi, stranger, what's going on?'

"I think she's brilliant. And I saw her confidence get bigger and bigger as the shows went on just like all of our confidence did."

There were rumours of a romance between Mel B and Jess
There were rumours of a romance between Mel B and Jess. Picture: Getty

Mel also spoke about potential plans to play at Glastonbury next year, saying: I think that would be a good place to start because it's Glastonbury's 50th year. the other girls have to sign off on it but i'll speak on their behalf. Yeah, I think it would be great.

And when asked whether there's a possibility Victoria Beckham could rejoin the group, Mel said: "I hoped we would become a five this time round. You never know, I always hold a torch. We started this off together as a five, and hopefully we're going to end it with a bang as us five. A nice pleasant big bang."

Melanie will be appearing at the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House on Sunday 25th August and the Savoy Theatre in London on Sunday 1st September. Click here to buy tickets.