Paul Hollywood's son 'hasn't spoken to him in two years', says ex-wife Alexandra

12 August 2019, 11:53

Paul hasn't spoken to his son in years
Paul hasn't spoken to his son in years. Picture: PA/Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The GBB judge has been shunned by his teenage son after he ended the marriage to his mother.

Paul Hollywood hasn't spoken to his 17-year-old son for nearly TWO YEARS, it has been revealed.

The Great British Bakeoff judge famously ended his marriage to Alexandra in November 2017 after leaving her for Summer Monteys-Fullham and his son, Josh, hasn't spoken to him since.

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Paul's not had any contact with son Josh for nearly two years
Paul's not had any contact with son Josh for nearly two years. Picture: Instagram

The Mail on Sunday reported that Josh has repeatedly ignored text messages from Paul, 53, and has received many gifts from his dad in a bid to win back his affections.

The teenager has stuck by mother Alexandra after she was left heartbroken following the cheating scandal.

Paul cheated on his ex-wife more than once, but took him back previously following his affair with Marcela Valladolid, Paul's co-host on The Great American Baking Show.

He referred to it as "the biggest mistake of my life" and seemed a changed man but he later met 24-year-old Summer in the local pub and gambled his marriage family life for her.

However, he and Summer have recently parted ways in a very public bust-up.

A spokesman for Alexandra told The Mail on Sunday: "Paul hasn't seen his son since November 2017 and the split has been deeply distressing to him.

"Paul is aware of his son's feelings on the matter.

"Alex would never normally comment bu on this occasion it is important that the truth is known and that Josh is protected."

Josh has behaved admirably over the past two years and has only ever made Alex proud during very difficult times with all the newspaper articles about his fahter." have reached out to Paul Hollywood's representatives for comment.