Simon Thomas opens up about the pain his nine-year-old son Ethan will face growing up without a mum

24 September 2019, 10:17

Simon opened up about the pain his family feel
Simon opened up about the pain his family feel. Picture: ITV

The TV presenter spoke on Lorraine earlier today and discussed the pain his young son will have to endure for the rest of his life.

Simon Thomas has opened up on ITV's Lorraine about the struggles his family will face, and especially those that his young son Ethan will endure as he grows up.

The TV presenter, 46, went through an unimaginable struggle in 2017 after his wife Gemma lost her life to Leukaemia only three days after her diagnosis and Simon has spoken out numerous times and worked endlessly to campaign for awareness of blood cancer.

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Simon and Gemma's nine-year-old son has just started back at school, going into year five, and after being asked by host Lorraine Kelly how he was doing, Simon replied: "he's doing good".

He continued to explain: "I had a really encouraging message from his headmaster the other day and he said Ethan's been on good form.

"It feel like we've got the old Ethan back, and it's so encouraging for me to hear that."

The youngster has understandably had a tough time coping with his mother's loss, and Simon opened up about how it's hard for him to think as a father that Ethan will always live a life where pain and joy co-exists.

Simon pictured with son Ethan
Simon pictured with son Ethan. Picture: ITV

He elaborated: "I think what I've learnt for him, is that life going forward is going to be this dual thing of joy and pain.

"He has had joy-filled moments, those milestones in life, and perhaps one day he gets married but alongside the joy of that day, which I know there would be, there will be pain of mum not being there".

Simon's emotional realisation ended with him explaining: "you have to navigate that for him [Ethan], and help him through that just to understand that sadly, for him and countless kids in this country who lose a parent of sibling, it's a life of joy and pain co-existing".

Simon opened up to Lorraine
Simon opened up to Lorraine. Picture: ITV

The former Blue Peter and Sky Sports presenter has been supporting Blood Cancer Awareness Month and has been doing a challenge every single day in September to raise awareness.

He appeared on This Morning last week where he spoke about spotting the symptoms of the horrible disease, where his challenge was set by Holly and Phil.

They sent Simon off on a motorbike to donate blood, and that he did - on live TV.

Simon didn't look impressed when Lorraine said she was waxing his legs
Simon didn't look impressed when Lorraine said she was waxing his legs. Picture: ITV

Today was no exception, as Lorraine Kelly had Simon get his legs waxed on the daytime show, by the woman herself.

He looked terrified after the Scottish presented explained to him that SHE was doing the waxing and not the beautician, who was only on hand to help.

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