Stacey Solomon reveals incredible Christmas tree bauble hack

16 November 2022, 11:27

Stacey Solomon shows off bauble hack as she sets up Christmas tree for Leighton

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon has said this Christmas bauble hack 'changed her life forever'.

Stacey Solomon has revealed her incredible Christmas hack to make her tree look fuller.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the mum-of-four could be seen decorating her 10-year-old son Leighton’s mini tree for his room.

After seeing the handy trick on TikTok, Stacey, 33, bought some cable tie for her decorations.

She then demonstrated how she had gathered multiple mini baubles on a then secured them to the branches of the tree.

Stacey Solomon showing off her bauble hack on Instagram
Stacey Solomon showing off her bauble hack on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

She said: "Saw this on TikTok last year & I'll never go back. Big or small baubles it's so much better. Makes the tree look fuller & they don't fall off and break.

"I got sidetracked because Leighton wants to put his tree up. This is Leighton's tree that he puts in his room, he loves it so much. It's the spindliest, oldest tree and it's tiny but he just loves putting it up so I thought I'd show you something how we put his baubles on.”

"So, I literally just get a cable tie. Thread a few baubles on it, you can put as may as you want on but I usually do like three or four and then Leighton will put them on his tree and literally just do this."

Stacey Solomon cable tying baubles together on Instagram
Stacey Solomon cable tying baubles together on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

The star added: "That means they don't fall off and they also go in a little cluster so it covers more of the tree.

"Don't do the cable tie the right way round, turn it upside down so it actually goes in the wrong way and it'll still pull really tight around the tree so it won't fall off, but it just means that every year you can undo it again and they're already threaded. How cool is that?"

Stacey then joked: "I won't do any more because Leighton will actually kill me.”

This come after the Loose Women star revealed she wanted to forage for her decorations this year.

Stacey Solomon wants to forage for Christmas this year

She explained: "I want to try and make all my decorations out of things I already have and things I can find in the garden (or someone else's garden) because I love making stuff so so much and I've collected so much over the years."

Stacey added: "It seems a waste to buy anything new but it is nice to change a little each year. Also, I know so many people find Christmas expensive anyway, so I thought I would try to find as many ways to decorate for next to nothing as possible this year and maybe we can share ideas and have fun with it."

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