Stacey Solomon introduces new family member as she adopts abandoned dog

18 January 2022, 10:25 | Updated: 18 January 2022, 10:43

Stacey Solomon updates followers on new dog


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Stacey Solomon's fans have been introduced to the brand new puppy she shares with Joe Swash.

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Stacey Solomon has welcomed a new member to her family after adopting an abandoned dog.

The mum-of-four recently lost her beloved pooch Theo around Christmas time, but has said she wanted to give her other dog a companion.

After going on a road trip earlier this week, Stacey, 32, revealed that she was potentially going to pick up a rescue dog.

She told her Instagram followers: "We are looking into adopting a friend for him. But I must admit I feel so guilty about it. I just think about Theo.

Stacey Solomon has shared photos of her new dog
Stacey Solomon has shared photos of her new dog. Picture: Instagram
Joe Swash and Rex were playing with Teddy
Joe Swash and Rex were playing with Teddy. Picture: Instagram

"But our vet said Peanut may be a dog that absolutely needs a companion and it could be detrimental to his well-being if he doesn't have one."

Sharing a snap of Peanut, she added: "Why does my heart feels like looking into a friend for Peanut I'm forgetting about Theo.

"I really want to make Peanut his bouncy happy playful self again and we have room in our hearts and home for another fur baby but I just feel so bad about it."

Later, Stacey - who shares Rex, two, and baby Rose with fiancé Joe Swash, and Zachary, 13, and Leighton, nine, from previous relationships - told fans the family had decided to bring the dog home as they ‘couldn't live without him’.

The pup, called Teddy, was abandoned after a breeder considered him ‘not to be good enough for sale’, with Stacey explaining: "So we ended up bringing the little doggy home last night. We couldn't leave without him. He's so lovely...

"He was bred by somebody who was breeding dogs for sale and he wasn't good enough for sale so they got rid of him...

"When we learned about him and then saw Peanuts reaction to him there was no doubt in our mind that he was coming home.

"I didn't know we would be able to bring him home straight away so we were a little unprepared. we've spent last night and today settling him in and getting him all sorted.

Stacey Solomon took Teddy to see Theo's grave
Stacey Solomon took Teddy to see Theo's grave. Picture: Instagram
Teddy has joined Stacey Solomon's family
Teddy has joined Stacey Solomon's family. Picture: Instagram

"As soon as I've finished the school run and madness and fed everyone i can't wait for you to meet our newest member of the family... lots and lots of love. Happy Monday."

Stacey then went on to share a string of photos and videos with the newest member of her family.

She wrote: "Welcome Home Teddy. Last night we rescued a dog. But today I’m not sure who has rescued who We miss you so much Theo.

"I hope you’re looking down from heaven smiling, knowing that peanut will no longer be so very lonely and that a doggy who really needed a family now has one. To the moon and back, always."

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