When is Stacey Solomon's wedding date?

25 July 2022, 09:12

When does get Stacey Solomon get married to Joe Swash? Everything we know about the wedding date...

Stacey Solomon has been planning her wedding to Joe Swash for the past couple of years.

And the big day has finally come around, with the couple celebrating their love in front of friends and family at Pickle Cottage.

But when is Stacey Solomon’s wedding and is she already married?

Stacey Solomon has revealed her wedding hair
Stacey Solomon has revealed her wedding hair. Picture: Instagram

When is Stacey Solomon’s wedding date?

Earlier this year, Joe Swash revealed he and Stacey Solomon were getting married on the last Sunday of July, which would have been the 24th.

It’s not clear whether Stacey and Joe had already tied the knot, as the pair have both decided to stay off social media to enjoy their time with their loved ones.

She gave fans one last glimpse of her garden as she prepared for her guests to arrive.

She said: "Good Morning, Set Up Time.

Stacey Solomon gave a glimpse of her garden
Stacey Solomon gave a glimpse of her garden. Picture: Instagram

"A special message to Ikea who has given me the opportunity to borrow their beautiful chairs, tables, cutlery and so much more so that we can use them for the day and then we will clean them and donate them to charity.

"I am so grateful to have this chance to be able to give to different charities to pass on to people who will be able to use it...

"It is a huge privilege to have a platform and I don't take if for granted.

"Nothing is guaranteed and nothing lasts forever so while I have the chance, I'm so glad to be able to do things like this…”

In her last Instagram story of the day, Stacey updated said that she would be taking a break from Instagram ahead of the ceremony.

Stacey Solomon has taken a break from social media
Stacey Solomon has taken a break from social media. Picture: Instagram

Alongside a snap of a bathtub running water, she wrote: " Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your beautiful messages and the kindest well wishes ever.

"Thank you for all your advice and tips.

"One of the pieces of advice all of you told me was to soak it all in and enjoy every second because it's over in a flash.

"So I'm going to say goodbye to my phone for a few days and make sure I take in every moment, the set up the getting ready, the day and the aftermath.

"I love you all lots and lots and lots. Thank you for your kindness always and lots of love from Joe, Harry, Zachary, Leighton, Rex and Rose.

"And me - Soon to be Solomon Swash".