Vogue Williams pleads with Spencer Matthews to start wearing underwear

8 September 2020, 00:01 | Updated: 8 September 2020, 14:24

Vogue Williams made the eye-opening admission about husband Spencer on this week's podcast
Vogue Williams made the eye-opening admission about husband Spencer on this week's podcast. Picture: Getty

In this week's episode of their podcast, Vogue says husband Spencer's dislike of underwear has left her worried that her mum and dad will get an eyeful.

Vogue Williams thinks Spencer Matthews loves being naked so much, he would let everything hang out around her parents.

Speaking on the new episode of their podcast, former Made In Chelsea lothario Spencer explained that he hates wearing clothes - and doesn't think they are really "necessary", particularly when at home.

He said: "I don’t need to go into it, it’s another rant but clothes are very rarely necessary."

Exasperated, Vogue told him at the very least he should wear pants - and that being naked comes with, um, some unsavoury pitfalls.

She said: "Spenny would walk around naked around my parents and wouldn’t care. Spenny doesn’t like to wear underwear

"I think he should for some leakage, that happens sometimes after the toilet

"He comes out and there’s just like a little patch [laughs] don’t worry about your sweat patch. [laughs]. A little dot..."

Horrified, Spencer replied: "Excuse me Vogue that is disgusting. That’s awful why do you have to make it hideous. I like being free.

Spencer and Vogue: The couple discuss his refusal to wear pants

"You have a real way of making just funny chat go disgusting do you know what I mean. That’s just an additional garment that is so useless, like literally gets in the way, makes your balls all warm."

However, there is one reason why Spencer would put some pants on - a big money deal from an underwear brand like Calvin Klein.

Vogue wasn't convinced, telling him: "You wouldn’t because you’ve already expressed your dislike of underwear to they’re not going to hire you."

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